Foods that Start with D

Are you looking for foods that start with D? Out of curiosity or you’re stuck in a challenge? Anyhow, this blog is for you. I have curated this list of all the rare delicacies of the world that you are missing out on. It’s time you fix that and include the following foods with the letter D in your meals. We have a lot of other blogs specifically for vegetables and fruits. You can check them out.

Now, I am going to tell you about all the yummy and easy-to-make foods that start with D. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Foods that Start with D

Here the list begins with all the foods with D

1. Dwarf Nasturtium

Dwarf Nasturtium

Nasturtium is one of the rare species of ornamental plants, the leaves and flowers of which are used in cooking as a spice, and it also has medicinal properties.  A few fresh leaves of nasturtium in a salad and in front of you is not easy food, but a real vitamin therapy. It goes well with meat and egg dishes. 

2. Durian


Durian is a large fruit covered with large thorns, up to 30 cm in size and weighing up to 8 kg. This fruit is notable for its wonderful sweet taste and disgusting smell. The smell of durian is so unbearable that it is forbidden to board the plane or bring it to the hotel with it. Durian’s homeland is Southeast Asia.

3. Durum Wheat

Durum wheat spike

Durum wheat is characterized by high protein content. Well suited for making bread flours. Starch grains are hard and do not crumble during grinding. Durum is a by-product of making semolina. Typically, it is flour fortified with four B vitamins and iron and is used to make noodles.

4. Dumplings


 In winter, dumplings are simply irreplaceable! They can be eaten boiled, or fried, or baked until crisp. People add different types of fillings to the dumplings and they make a really great meal. They are the famous cuisine of China and it took a while to get international fame but it did.

5. Dulce De Leche

Dulce de Leche Cone

Dulce de leche, originally from Latin America, is somewhat reminiscent of boiled condensed milk but differs significantly in its texture and taste. If you ask if it can be used to make a cream, I think it can. Add it to baked goods because why not?

6. Dump pie

dump cake

I have prepared it three times already and with all responsibility, I declare – good! Preparing a pie is just lightning fast, except for the baking time, the set of products is extremely simple. I suggest you also check how delicious the pie is.

7. Duck Sauce

duck sauce with spring roll

Duck is a very popular, delicious, and versatile condiment, you will find it in any Chinese restaurant and every street fast food outlet. The sauce has a rich flavor and a sensational multi-layered aroma that hits the taste and olfactory receptors! The sauce certainly accompanies Peking duck, it is also served with all types of Chinese (and not only) dumplings, egg rolls, spring rolls, fish, shrimp, chicken, pork, noodles, and rice.

8. Dried Fruits

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are very beneficial for health, but in small quantities and when individually selected. Any fresh fruit itself is a natural source of vitamins. After processing, dried fruits retain all the beneficial properties, except that now they are contained in a more concentrated form. Dried fruits are often recommended for diets, for cleansing the body, for exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

9. Dragon Fruit

dragon fruit

The dragon fruit is oval in shape and is similar in size to a large apple. Weight ranges from 100 to 800 g. Some specimens can reach a kilogram. Covered with a scaly skin of yellow, raspberry, or pink color. The pulp can be white or pale pink with small black seeds. In terms of consistency, the inside of the fruit is very similar to the kiwi. The fruit has an unsaturated diffuse sweetish taste.

10. Dover Sole

Dover Sole

Here is another one of the most versatile foods that start with D. Dover Sole is a fish prominent in Japanese cuisine. Its flesh is white, firm, with a delicate taste. It is one of the most delicious fish, fresh and wild.

11. Donut


The hollow shape of donuts is one of the most impressive desserts, but don’t forget the stuffed donuts with fragrant fillings! Various donuts with various icing, fruit, custard, and spread sauce not only touch the taste buds but also affect the optic nerve! The double feast is mouth-watering.

12. Dolma

Grape Leaves aka Dolma

More than one nation will argue and will prove that this is precisely their national dish, invented by their ancestors. Dolma, makhshi, braak, tolma, sarma … these are the minimum names for this dish. And it is prepared in Azerbaijan, Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Greece, Georgia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, North Sudan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Moldova. I tried adding soy sauce to the rice, he absorbed it along with the meat juice and it turned out to be incredible! Grape leaf fans are welcome!

13. Dolichos

dolichos beans

Dolichos is versatile, it can be a side dish and a main dish, it is equally good in salads and soups, especially when combined with ginger and coconut. It goes well with any spices, rice, vegetables, seafood. Green beans and unripe seeds are used as a condiment to meat dishes.

14. Dill


Dill! This herb has conquered many cuisines. Put it in soup and salad, sprinkle potatoes and pickles with it, chew its leaves in a bite with a kebab. Dill is everywhere. In winter, along with dried dill, you can also eat dill seeds, which are very well preserved.

15. Dijon Mustard

Mustard Sauce

The best combinations of Dijon mustard are with fish and roast, using the sauce to massage the meat before cooking.  It follows a strictly regulated recipe and is obtained from dark or black seeds of Mustard and is famous for having a spicy taste. The Dijon mustard is suitable for those who love to savor all the taste of the ingredients.

16. Diamond white bell peppers

Diamond white bell peppers

There are several ways to cook it but to obtain the maximum therapeutic usefulness from white peppers, preferably they must be consumed raw or in salads as cooking reduces their properties by 50%.

17. Dewberry


Dewberry refers to any blackberry of the genus Rubus in the Rosaceae family, which creeps due to the lack of wood fiber in the stem. That is what distinguishes them from the Blackberries. Otherwise, it is hard to tell the difference between them as they look similar.

18. Devil’s Toungue Pepper

devil's tongue pepper

In modern cooking, Devil’s tongue pepper is used as a seasoning for meat and vegetable dishes (calorizer). It is the specific taste and smell of this pepper that is used in grilling chicken. All over the world, connoisseurs of spicy food buy sauces that include this pepper.

19. Desert Lime

The fruits are green or pale yellow, round, 1.5 cm in diameter, edible, have an exceptional taste, and strong citrus aroma. The skin is thin. The pulp is juicy, sour, has a strong lime aroma. This citrus fruit is good for your health and is high in vitamin C, and vitamin E. Desert limes have been highly prized by locals since ancient times for their pleasant, refreshing, and slightly pungent taste. They are consumed mainly fresh.

Desert lime

20. Demerara

Demerara sugar crystals

Demerara is one of the world’s most famous types of brown sugar, which gets its name from a county and river in South America. Due to the preservation of a large amount of molasses, the brown sugar of Demerara has a pronounced caramel aroma and taste. In the best European restaurants, Demerara is traditionally served with coffee, and for enthusiastic chefs and connoisseurs of aromatic homemade pastries, this sugar is an indispensable ingredient in culinary masterpieces like gingerbread, cookies, and cakes.

21. Davidson Plum

Davidson plum

The Davidson plum is a bright blue fruit with a deep reddish-pink flesh. Due to the high content of fruit acids and low sugar content, Davidson plums are not often eaten fresh. The Davidson plum has long been a food source for Indigenous Australians and was used by the early European settlers to make jams and sauces. Davidson Plum is a good source of vitamin E and zinc, two nutrients essential for glowing and youthful skin. Also contains potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

22. Date Plum

date plum

Depending on the type of date plum, it is astringent and non-astringent, the color can vary from bright red to dark brown, and the shape can be from spherical to flat or elongated. It is now usually called Caucasian persimmon. They have a jelly-like pulp and tastes like dried dates.

23. Datil Chilli

Datil Chili

In Florida, this pepper can be found not only in main dishes, salads, and burgers. It is added to jams, desserts and, of course, included in sauces. The pod is in the shape of a slightly flattened, slightly uneven cone. The skin is glossy, dense. Size up to 4 centimeters, at maturity, becomes bright yellow in color.

24. Date Paste Rolls

date paste rolls

Sometimes in old cookbooks, you can find real masterpieces for our crazy life, in which there is always not enough time for anything. Date paste rolls turned out to be such a find. The dough for these rolls is called “shekem”. The name comes from 3 ingredients used for its preparation – shamenet (sour cream), kemakh (flour), and margarine. That’s right, it’s not a typo. The dough is completely sugar-free, which makes it suitable not only for sweet baked goods.

25. Dates


The benefits of dates have been known since time immemorial. Nutritious and high in calories, these fruits can be a healthy alternative to classic desserts. The fruit helps fight viral infections and also soothes coughs and expels phlegm. They have a tonic effect, they are able to tone up and give strength. Dates are useful for anemia, hypertension, brain activity, have a beneficial effect on the heart, kidneys, and liver.

26. Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

How can I not add dark chocolates to the list of foods that start with D? Satisfy the need for something sweet and at the same time take care of your health by consuming chocolate. As much as you may not believe it, mainly dark chocolate contains several nutrients, among which is cocoa where it has antioxidant properties, but also soluble fiber that even helps digestion.

27. Daikon Radish

Daikon raddish

A root vegetable with the exotic name daikon is actually a relative of the common radish. Many centuries ago, Japanese gardeners bred this variety to add to all kinds of dishes. Juicy, sweetish-spicy daikon are boiled, stewed, pickled, and salted. Daikon tastes like a radish, but much softer, so the possibilities of its use are wider.

28. Dahi Wada

dahi wada

Dahi Wada are daal croquesttes in yoghurt. In India, before dipping wadas in ghee, they are placed on a moist banana leaf and shaped to the desired shape. If you don’t have a banana leaf, you can place croquettes in the palm of your hand. The dough should be thick enough to keep the croquet from losing its shape.

29. Dabberlocks

Dabberlocks is colloquially often referred to as winged seaweed but edible seaweed. The brown algae from the can grow to be up to 3 m long. It is very popular for human consumption and is eaten fresh, dried, or cooked.


30. Dum Aloo

Dum aloo

This delicious Indian dish will delight any gourmet as it is prepared using a balanced bouquet of the finest Indian spices. Originally, Alu Dum is prepared using traditional Indian ghee. However, you can substitute olive oil if you are avoiding animal fats for various reasons (for example, if you are fasting or following a vegetarian diet). Otherwise, Alu Dum is 100% vegetarian!


That’s all about the foods that start with D. Are you in awe of how much oblivious you’ve been all this time? Food is what we have every day and we are not even aware of half of their varieties. That’s weirdly surprising. But, our website has everything that you need to know about them. Do not forget to explore it at your leisure.

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