Foods that Start with E

Hello! I am back with another list of foods that start with E. You might think of a bunch of dishes but I am going to tell you about the rare and exotic foods with letter E that you are missing out on. I am here to make you familiar with some delicious delicacies so you can bless your taste buds a little more.

Without further ado, let’s get to know in brief about all the foods that start with E.

Foods That Start with E

Almost every food with the letter E is in the list with pictures. Read till the end to know about some easy and mind-blowing foods.

1. Eggs


An egg is 13% protein and 12% fat, calcium, phosphorus, and a whole complex of vitamins. The benefits of eggs do not depend on the color of the shell: the color depends only on the breed of chicken, so the value of brown and white eggs will be the same. One or two eggs for breakfast will build muscle mass: egg white is easier to digest than meat. 

2. Eggplant


The homeland of eggplant is India, where this vegetable was grown long before the beginning of our era. Eggplant is used in many southern cuisines, from Japan to Spain. In most cases, it is stewed, fried, or baked in multicomponent vegetable or meat dishes, pickled or rubbed. In the cuisines of Eastern peoples, there are eggplant snacks similar to the eggplant caviar popular in Russia.

3. Eggrolls

Egg roll

They are one of the most famous foods that start with E in Asia. Of course, like most Asian dishes, this roll is spicy and quite spicy. As for the set of vegetables, then here you can always fantasize, varying it to taste. Serve such rolls by cutting them into portions and cooling them beforehand.

4. English Cake

English Cake with chocolate drops

True delight can be obtained with a cup of hot coffee and a slice of delicious English cake. This is a great occasion to invite your old friends and treat them to wonderful, aromatic pastries. Everyone will be able to appreciate the excellent taste, the sunny color of this miracle.

5. Egg Salads

egg salad

A traditional egg salad is made up of eggs, onions, and mayonnaise. Those who are on a strict diet can completely abandon mayonnaise by seasoning the salad with sour cream and a spoonful of mustard. Taste accents are set with dressings, spices, and additional ingredients. This salad is delicious to spread on toast and eat for breakfast.

6. Elderberry


Elderberry is very popular in America and Europe as it is a natural immunity activator. Scientists have discovered its powerful antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. Scientific medicine also knows the antipyretic, antimicrobial, and expectorant effects of elderberry.

And traditional medicine from around the world knew about the high therapeutic effect of this berry in the treatment of chills several centuries ago. In addition, broths of elderflowers have been used as a diaphoretic, blood-purifying, and mild sedative.

7. Egg soup

egg soup

Egg soup is a symbiosis of nutritional value, taste, and optimal cost of ingredients. In the classic version, this dish does not include meat or fish. The soup contains only vegetables and eggs. Surprisingly, the soup turns out to be very satisfying and nutritious. But egg soup has long gone beyond the boundaries of an ordinary recipe. It is now cooked with meat ingredients, making it more familiar to most people. 

8. Early Girl Tomatoes

tomato early girl

The fruits of early tomatoes have a variety of flavors. Due to the fact that such varieties ripen in the middle of summer when the sun is most active and the daylight hours are long. Tomatoes become sweet, their pulp has a delicate aroma. It is preferable to use tomatoes for making tomato juice. This will be confirmed by every hostess who planted the Early Girl.

9. Egg Parmesan

egg parmesan

Baked eggplant in a tomato and cheese sauce is a very appetizing and spicy (thanks to garlic) dish. Eggplant with Parmesan is an original appetizer that can be served hot or cold. But it is usually difficult to resist and let it cool down a little as It is so delicious. A cool snack that will perfectly complement your holiday table.

10. Entrecote


The beautiful French name entrecôte hides a piece of beef on the bone, carved between the 9th and 11th ribs. The word itself is translated as “between the ribs.” The meat in this part of the carcass is soft and does not require long cooking. Thin streaks of fat that permeate the entire cut melt during frying, making the meat very juicy and aromatic. This boneless cut is also called a ribeye steak.

11. Edam

Edam Cheese

The famous Dutch cheese Edam or otherwise Edamer is made in the shape of a sphere. Today it is so popular that it can be easily found on sale not only in Europe but all over the world. The distinctive features include a bright taste with nutty notes.

Edam cheese is a great stand-alone snack and is also included in various recipes. It is included in the recipe for salads, appetizers, sandwiches, pizza and casseroles. Also, Edam cheese is used as a filling for a variety of pastries.

12. Eggplant Rollatini

Eggplant rollatini

Wonderful Italian eggplant rolls stuffed with cheese, eggs and garlic are made very simply and quickly in the microwave. This is a vegetarian Italian dish. The baked eggplant roll are stuffed with spinach, mascarpone, and baked again with homemade tomato marinara sauce sprinkled with mozzarella.

13. Elephant Garlic

elephant garlic

First, the size of the bulb is about 10 cm in diameter, weighing 250-300 g. Secondly, in this plant, baby bulbs are formed near the bottom and under the integumentary membranes. According to the description, the taste and aroma of this plant are like a mixture of garlic and onion, but more delicate than that of garlic.

14. Elephant Yam

Elephant yam

The elephant yam, despite its unknown status, remains almost the main culinary dish in our tropical countries. Elephant yam tubers are a good source of protein and starch. They are popular as a vegetable in various Indian cuisines.  

15. Emmentaler


Emmentaler is a creation of Swiss cheese makers with large walnut-sized holes. Their correct shape and small number speaks of the highest quality of the variety.  According to a long-established tradition, the production of cheese is carried out using unpasteurized cow’s milk.

16. Empanadas


Empanadas is native to Spain. Filled with seafood, meat, cheese, vegetables or fruits, these patties are wildly popular throughout Latin and South America. They have a characteristic semicircular shape and are made from yeast-free dough. The empanadas recipe has traveled all over the world, so today they can be found in the countries of Eastern Europe, Africa, South Asia, the Caribbean and the British Isles. And everywhere empanadas is prepared in its own way, coming up with new fillings. 

17. Endive


Endive has a bitter taste, which is why it is not as popular as other types of lettuce. It is very interesting that endive is closely related to dandelion, and their chemical composition is very similar. Endive is one of the richest foods in carotene of all green vegetables. It is also beneficial for its vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur content.

18. Epazote


Epazote is a rather spicy and aromatic seasoning that contains a combination of a large number of flavors: coriander, citrus, cilantro, mustard and a whole bunch of other spices. It has a light coniferous smell. Gourmets claim that there is no other spice in the world that has the same taste and aroma as epazote. The seasoning is actively used in Mexican and Guatemalan cuisine.

19. Escabeche


Escabeche is a Spanish dish, fish marinated in a spicy sauce. For this dish, different fish can be used, both white and red.
Escabeche has Persian roots, it came to Spain during the time of the colonization of the country by the Moors in the VIII century. The eastern people called this dish ‘sikbaj’ which means marinated meat. In Persia, it was prepared not only from fish, but also from lamb or other meat. The Spanish version took root only in the fish version, and the marinade also became spicy, instead of the sweet and sour original.

20. Escargot


Escargot is a snail dish. Its history began in ancient Rome. And then snails were the salvation of the poor from hunger, and at the same time they were an unusual treat for the jaded rich. And Roman legionnaires took snails with them on long hikes, like live canned food. Snails are very nutritious and rich in protein, with little or no fat.

21. Escarole


Another one in the list of foods that start with E are Escarole. They are almost similar in taste to Endives but a little less bitter. They are used in soups, salads, and many famous Italian dishes.

22. Escovitch Fish

Escovitch Fish

This is the name of a special Jamaican way of cooking sea fish. Grated with spices, it is fried in hot oil until crispy and served with onions and peppers.

23. Estragon

Estragon fresh and dried

This plant is devoid of bitterness and has a strong spicy aroma, and a pungent, spicy and piquant taste. In early spring, as soon as the greens grow, they can be cut and added to salads, snacks, side dishes for meat and egg dishes.

24. Earl Grey Cookies

Earl Grey Tea Cookies

These are delicate, crumbly biscuits with a light bergamot aroma. Do you like the aroma and taste of tea? Do not limit yourself to just drinking, because you can even add tea to baked goods. The cookies are simple to prepare, but at the same time original, and most importantly, very tasty.

25. Eclair

éclair, dessert, sweet french, food, food and drink, close-up, freshness,  indoors, high angle view, still life | Pxfuel

Еclair translated from French means “lightning” (“flash of lightning”). Why this word began to be called cakes is not known for certain. Perhaps the reason is that eclairs are eaten very quickly, literally with lightning speed. The eclair really resembles a long and moderately thin choux pastry tube filled with custard and covered with glaze.

26. Egg Fruit

egg Fruit

Egg fruit is a yellow-orange fruit with a fleshy pulp that resembles a boiled egg yolk. It is grown in countries such as Brazil, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam. Egg fruit is very nutritious and has a unique sweet taste. It is used to make jam, marmalade, muffins, pancakes. The pulp is rubbed and added to custards, milkshakes, or ice cream. 

27. Earthnut


The earthnut beans are 1-6 cm long, single-chambered, the number of seeds in the beans is 1-6 (usually 1-3). The colour of the seed coat is red, brown, less often white or other shades. The earthnut seeds are used as an additive in the manufacture of chocolate. Roasted seeds are eaten, and in a crushed form, they are added to many confectionery products.


That’s all about the foods that start with E. I hope you enjoyed the list and found new things to add in your meal. My meals surely got tastier and healthier after researching for this blog. Our website covers a lot of things about fruits and vegetables too. You can check them out if you are looking for rare and exotic vegetarian delicacies of the world.

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