Foods that Start with F

We are here with another list of all the rare and amazing foods that start with F. We do our best to compile our knowledge and give you the best results so you could add them to your bucket list of delicious delicacies. If you are one who is eager to know about more things to eat, then our website is especially for you.

Preparing a meal is all about creativity. But if you can get a slight nudge towards the right direction, wouldn’t it be perfect? So without wasting time, let’s begin with all the foods that start with F.

1. Fig

 Fruit Fig

The fruits of figs are recommended for people to use for the prevention of various diseases because these berries are just a storehouse of useful vitamins and minerals that prevent the development of cancer. The color of the fig depends on the variety and can range from dark purple to yellow. Fig fruits are used in cooking both dried and fresh. The berry is used in desserts, jams, baked goods, and puddings.

2. Fukushu Kumquat

Very juicy, small (the size of a plum) kumquat fruits have a more elongated shape than other citrus fruits, small pear-shaped, orange. The pulp is sweet and sour, the rind is also sweet. It is used to make desserts and soups.

3. Fuji Apple

fuji apple

Apple is highly nutritious, as it contains many fibers, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals beneficial to the human body. Consumption of apples delays the deterioration of diseases and provides anti-aging, anxiolytic, sedative, and antipyretic protection. Fuji apples have a characteristic pink / red color and their flesh is very hard, while their juice is sweet.

4. Fugu Blowfish

fugu blowfish

According to many gourmets, having tasted a bite once of this fish, you will not be able to forget its unique taste and will want to enjoy it again and again! The Japanese, as a rule, eat this dangerous delicacy raw, make sushi and sashimi from it. Its soup is also very popular, you can try to cook such a dish yourself. Or you can simply cut the meat into thin pieces and enjoy the taste of this exclusive fish to the fullest.

5. Fruit Pies

fruit pies

It is impossible to list all the varieties of pies that any cuisine in the world can boast of. But in a separate row are pies with fruit filling. Delicate and low-calorie, they just ask to be tasted and appreciated. There are a lot of vitamins and other nutrients in fruit pies.

It is believed that the best time for fruit pies is the summer months when the fruits are abundant. But it is not so. For example, fruit pies are easy to freeze and wait as long as needed to cook. Different fillings, different doughs will make your pies delicious and with them, it is so easy to please your family.

6. Fritters

Corn and coriander fritters

Fritters are called dough pancakes with the addition of pieces of fruit or vegetables. It was thought up a long time ago to dip the dough in boiling oil – already in ancient Rome there was a dish called “scriblita” (something between donuts and small pies), and then the imagination of the culinary experts produced numerous variations of a seemingly simple recipe.

7. Frittata


Frittata is a traditional Italian omelet with a variety of toppings. I offer the most successful and easy option with the addition of tomatoes, bell peppers, and, of course, parsley. It cooks quickly, it turns out fragrant, tasty, with an interesting texture due to the cheese! 

8. French Fries

french fries

French Fries are one of my favorite foods that start with F. Using a simple and quick recipe, you can prepare an excellent delicacy from natural products, without the use of preservatives. In addition, you do not need to have a voluminous deep fryer at home, because potatoes can be fried in a regular pan. The taste of such “fries” is indistinguishable from that which we are accustomed to feeling in places of public catering.

9. Fried Chicken Mushroom

Simple, fast, and delicious! This is chicken with mushrooms in a pan. To prepare a delicate aromatic dish, you will need fresh mushrooms, such as champignons, which go well with chicken. By the way, for this recipe, you can use meat from the thighs, and even fillet, thanks to the creamy sauce, it will also turn out juicy and soft even after frying in a pan.

10. Fricassee


This is the name of the meat stew made from white poultry meat in white sauce. Fricassee has been ranked among the Haute French cuisine. But you can cook fricassee in a regular kitchen, because the products: chicken fillet, mushrooms, bell peppers, and cream are available to every house.

11. Frangipan

 Frangipan has an amazingly beautiful golden crust, in which bright, juicy and tender pears are imposingly located, and inside it has a strong almond taste and aroma. Its texture is not like the usual pies, which means we risk finding new love in it. When serving it, pour over the syrup that we prepared in advance, put a scoop of ice cream and a cup of a hot tea or mulled wine next to it, it will be healthy and warmingly romantic. And if you use cinnamon sticks in the decor, the stylization will be perfect.

12. Fra Diavolo

Fra Diavolo, a spicy tomato sauce, is just as cunning as the Italian robber after whom it was named. This recipe uses medium-hot peppers to make tomato sauce, but you can make it spicier by adding more “evil” chili to your taste. In addition to pepper, the sauce also includes canned tomatoes in their own juice, garlic, olive oil, and fresh herbs. Combine it with boiled spaghetti and sautéed shrimp and serve.

13. Fox Grapes

fox grapes

Fox grapes are a grape species belonging to the genus Vitis in the flowering plant family Vitaceae. It has a “slip-skin” which allows the peel of the grape berries to slide off easily when squeezed, rather than crumbling the flesh and the presence of a uterus on each cane node. That is why they are also called ‘Slipskin Grapes’.

14. Fondue


The other one among the mouth-watering foods that start with F is Fondue. “A hot dish of melted cheese of several varieties with wine, nutmeg, etc., which is eaten by spreading the thickened mass on slices of toasted bread” – this is how dictionaries write about fondue.

15. Flounder


Flounder is a sea flat bottom fish of the flounder family. Flounder is boiled, stewed, steamed, fried (with vegetables, in wine sauce, with shrimps, in batter, in bread, etc.), baked in the oven on a baking sheet and in pots, stuffed and fillet rolls are made. By the way, when frying, it is better to put the fish in the pan, first with the dark side down: the cooks assure that this will make the flounder tastier.

16. Flat Fish

The Flatfish group includes sole and turbot, two types of sea fish that have a delicate taste. Both fish have dense, but tender and juicy meat.

17. Flatbread


The national dish of Uzbek cuisine, which is eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are eaten with fruit, served with meat, and for breakfast, the flatbread is good with sour cream. Fragrant, tasty, and easy to prepare, and everyone has the ingredients in the house.

18. Falafel


Falafel is a deep-fried ball of crushed chickpeas, sometimes spiced with beans. Falafel is traditionally served with sesame sauce, vegetables, and pita (thin bread). Eateries often serve pita stuffed with falafel and vegetables like fast food (veggie doner kebab).

19. Farfalle


Farfalle pasta is a unique variety of Italian pasta, whose shape resembles a bow tie. The name of the paste is literally translated as “butterfly”. Farfalle goes well with creamy, vegetable, and fish sauces. Also, this pasta can often be seen as an ingredient in pasta salads.

20. Feijoa

feijoa fruit

Feijoa is native to Central and South America. The taste of ripe fruit is indescribably sweet and sour, like a mixture of apples, pineapples, and bananas. Especially in the center of the flesh, the difference in texture, which can be said to be a mismatch between the jelly-like part that looks like a slightly softened gummy and the part that contains a lot of stone cells around it, creates an exquisite combination. Fruits vary in shape depending on the variety, such as the oval, long oval, and oblong. 

21. Fettuccine


Fettuccine is very popular in Italian cuisine, they go well with chicken and seafood, as well as almost all vegetables, bolognese, and creamy sauce. One of the most common and perhaps the tastiest is chicken mushroom dressing.

22. Finger Lime

Finger Limes

The exotic fruits of the finger lime are filled with numerous rounded vacuoles, the diameter of which is 4-5 mm, they resemble fish eggs. The internal content of the fruit is sour juice. The shape of an oblong oval in the form of a finger, tapering towards the apex. Weight – 150 g, length – 8-10 cm. The peel is thin, the surface is small. When the lime of the finger peel ripens, bubbles filled with juice appear on the surface.

23. Flan


The taste of Flan is somewhat reminiscent of boiled condensed milk. It is well suited for filling in custard cakes such as eclairs and profiteroles. And if you freeze this cream, you will get real homemade caramel ice cream.

24. Flapjacks


Flapjacks are normal pancakes but thicker and fluffier. These pancakes are good for breakfast or as a snack. Children love them with tea or a glass of milk. And adults love them no less than children and eat with sour cream, jam, honey, condensed milk, fresh berries, etc.


That’s it about the foods that start with F. You can also look into other articles like fruits that start with F and vegetables that start with F. They are very informative and fun. I mean, it could be apoplectic when you are looking for something new to eat but you can not figure it out. In that case, we’ve got your back. Hope you enjoyed this blog and see you on the other list.

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