Foods that Start with H

Today markets and supermarkets offer a wide range of berries, fruits, and vegetables, both in summer and winter. In spring, fresh vegetables and fruits appear on the shelves, the use of which can significantly reduce the deficiency of vitamins and micronutrients. There are a lot of healthy foods that start with H you can make out of those fruits and vegetables.

You might not know about a lot of them because of country barriers and also because of their rare nature. But by the end of this blog, you be familiar with all the foods that start with H. So, keep reading.

Foods that start with H

Let’s begin the journey of knowing every edible food that starts with the letter G. I hope that you will feel the joy and fun of eating and that your eating habits will be richer and healthier forever. 

1. Hoagie


Cut the baguette in half horizontally. Spread the butter on the bottom half. Lay the cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, ham and green pepper in layers on the bread. Garnish with a drizzle of vinaigrette. Cover with the other half of the baguette. Solidify everything with toothpicks. Cut into 6 servings. Your hoagie is ready.

2. Hen


Hen is one of the easiest and most affordable foods to prepare, and an excellent source of lean protein. Nutritionists do not recommend often eating smoked or fried hen, it is better to give preference to stewed or boiled.

3. Hazelnut

Nuts Hazelnuts

The hazelnuts turn fruitful in 5-6 years and produce 8-10 kilos of fruit per year. In autumn, its hard-shelled acorns ripen, which develops embedded in an irregularly split-edged pile. The pile, the fruit cover, develops from the frosty leaves around the flowers.

4. Hardtack


 As the name suggests, it is very hard type of biscuits, nutritious and has a long best-buy date, so it is attracting attention as an emergency food. Its hardness is so high that the words “tooth is about to break” are flying around on the net.

5. Hallah


Hallah is a traditional yeast dough bread that is prepared in Jewish homes for Shabbat and holidays. Over time, eggs and raisins were added to the hallah dough to make them even tastier, and thanks to the weaving of the hallah, they acquired a truly festive look. 

6. Halibut

Escalopes of Halibut

Halibut is a popular white fish from the flounder family, common in the North Pacific and Atlantic. Fish has a high nutritional and energy value, while having a low calorie content, which is ideal for people who adhere to the rules of a healthy diet. White pulp without bones, juiciness, tenderness, ease of preparation are the main qualities that made halibut popular all over the world. The fish is cooked in the oven, fried in a pan, or steamed in a water bath. The steaks are ideal for grilling, especially in combination with fresh vegetables. 

7. Hake

Hot fried hake fillet ready to eat

Like many fish, hake is easily heat treated: it is boiled, fried, stewed, baked. Hake meat is considered low-fat, so it can be used to prepare dietary meals. However, when baking fish, you need to “moisten” it from time to time with sauce or broth. Considering that the hake meat is dry, it is also better to fry it in batter or a thick layer of bread crumbs.

8. Haggis


The Scottish dish haggis is prepared from offal(lungs, liver, heart) of a sheep boiled in a lamb stomach. To make the dish more interesting in taste and satisfying, in addition to chopped offal with spices and onions, you can add bell peppers and boiled rice to the filling. And for juiciness, add a little kidney fat to the minced meat. The result is fragrant, satisfying and very appetizing.

9. Haddock

Smoked Haddock

This fish enjoys a special authority among the inhabitants of North America and the countries of northern Europe. In fish dishes, it goes well with many sauces and seasonings. Haddock meat is elastic, suitable for any method of cooking, you just need to clean the carcass from scales and entrails, and then cut into portions.

10. Hackberry

hackberry fruit

The fruit of the hackberry plant is a small sub-spherical drupe about the size of an olive. They change color with maturation, passing from the initial green, to yellowish and black. These are edible fruits, with a slightly sweet taste, with little pulp but which represent a good source of dietary fiber, proteins, and vitamins. The hackberry fruit, not having a lot of pulp, is not eaten fresh. However, it has always been used in some transformations in the kitchen, such as jams and liqueurs.

11. Hydromel

What does this drink hydromel consist of? Its name speaks for itself, water, honey, lemon. And it is prepared very simply: for 1 glass of warm water juice of 1 lemon and 1 tbsp. honey. It has a lot of health benefits if consumed regularly.

12. Hotcake

A pie where tomatoes go well with sweet and sour caramel. Hot, melting, tender, a real gourmet delight! This is among the most common foods that start with H.

13. Honeydew

Honeydew Melon

The round, ripe melons from the middle of summer will seduce everyone as a real summer treat. The honey-like flesh of the irresistible melon also equates to a complete dessert, but its soft sweetness and intoxicating aroma make it an excellent ingredient in gastronomy.

14. Hummus


Hummus is one of the ideal foods to get the protein you need if you want to avoid animal and dairy products. Toast with hummus is, for this reason, very popular in recent years and has consistently starred on social media. You can make many combinations with it and enjoy it in both its sweet and savory version. 

15. Hollandaise


Hollandaise has a delicate creamy taste that perfectly sets off many dishes. Ideal  with a poached egg, chicken nugget and avocado sandwich. And of course, it is prepared very quickly and from the available ingredients. Products with which it is in harmony: eggs, asparagus, cauliflower, red fish, crab, shrimp, rice.

16. Hog Plum

hog plum

Hog Plums are also known by another name called Mombin yellow. The fruit of the deciduous tropical tree of the same name, which is an ellipsoidal or oval drupe up to 4 cm long and up to 2.5 cm wide.They are distinguished by a thin but very tough skin of a golden yellow color. The pulp inside has an original sour taste.

17. Herring


Usually, herring is served either salted or pickled. However, it is not only consumed raw (in the Netherlands), but also added to pies, salads, hot dishes, soups and snacks. This fish tastes unusual when fried. Fillets are deboned, breaded in flour and simply fried in vegetable oil. The result is golden crispy pieces. 


We are done with our list of Foods that start with H. No need to scratch your heads when someone asks you about the foods that start with the alphabet H or any other letter for that matter. Also, we would like you to comment if you think we’ve missed something. We will update our list as soon as possible.

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