Foods that Start with I

How picturesque and delicious foods from all over the world are many times patented by Mother Nature! In this article, we will talk about all the wonderful foods that start with I. Also, we will discuss in brief the places where they are common and what nutritional value they have. Fascinated by some strange food that starts with the alphabet I? Then let’s know as much about them as possible because we guarantee that you’ll find it in this list.

Foods that start with I

Now you are going to find out the amazing components the foods that start with I are encapsulated of. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Icaco fruit


Icaco is also called Golden Plum. These are oval fruits, collected in bunches, and are colored light yellow. On the side, which is exposed to the sun, a pink blush is formed. The taste of the fruit is sweet with a slight sourness, in addition, the fruits are bristling with slight astringency. In the center of the pulp, there is a rather large bone, which is very difficult to separate.

2. Ice Cream

ice cream

No list of foods that start with I is complete without ice cream. It comes in different flavors and styles and you can easily make it at home.

3. Ice Cream Cakes

ice cream cake

Without a doubt, the most delicious cakes come from homemade ice cream. But on the other hand, it is easier to make multi-layer ice cream cakes with a store-bought one, combining taste according to your mood. For example, lay berry and pistachio, chocolate and vanilla, lemon and crème Brulee in layers.

4. Italian Meatballs

Italian Meatballs

Meatballs with rich taste, citrus notes, and basil aroma. Italian meatballs are a very unusual way to cook meat. They are first baked in the oven, and then stewed in tomato sauce, and they contain 2 types of cheese.

5. Irish Stew

Irish Beef Stew

Irish Stew is made from beef and potatoes. You can also include garlic and peppers of your choice. It tastes as much good as it looks and you should definitely give it a try.

6. Irish Soda Bread

irish soda bread

Dense, crispy, ruddy crust, under which a delicate, soft and elastic crumb is hidden. This yeast-free bread, which resembles an unsweetened muffin, is good freshly made with butter and jam. I must say that the recipe for classic Irish bread includes a minimum set of the simplest ingredients: flour, sour milk, salt, and soda.

7. Instant Mashed Potato

Instant mashed potatoes

Instant mashed potatoes come in handy when a side dish is needed urgently. Unlike the usual method of cooking, peeled potatoes must be immediately cut into medium-sized, thin slices. Fill with cold water and rinse. Only then put it to boil, and the water should only slightly cover the potatoes. Be sure to immediately add a piece of butter. Bring to a boil over high heat, cook for 7 minutes and all that remains is to mash the potatoes.

8. Inga Edulis

Inga edulis

Inga edulis or commonly known as Ice Cream Bean is a fast growing fruit tree native to South America. The pulp surrounding the seeds in the seedpod is white, translucent and jelly-like with a sweet, perfumed flavour.

9. Indian Gooseberry

Amla India Amalika Indian Gooseberry Fruit

Amla, Amalaki, Emblica, Nepalese or Indian gooseberries, this plant has many names and useful properties. The green round fruits of a low tree, which “chose” for life in the warm and humid climate of India, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Nepal, have long been used for food, as a medicine, and for cosmetic purposes.

10. Indian Curry

indian curry

Indian curry is a dish worth trying at least once, even if you are not a fan of Asian food. Curry embodies all the scents, tastes and exotic shades of aromas of India, therefore it can rightfully be considered the most representative food of its culinary tradition. The secret of making curry lies in perfectly selected ingredients, a unique bouquet of spices, and seasonings that simply cannot leave you indifferent. Curry will give you a unique opportunity to make a gastronomic journey to Asia without leaving your home, especially if you serve ordinary boiled rice with it.

11. Indian Chutneys

indian chutneys

In India, almost no meal, be it a simple lunch of rice, vegetables and yogurt or a sumptuous 108-course feast, is complete without a small amount of chutney or pickles that have a distinct flavor. Sometimes chutney is served not as a supplement, but as an indispensable accompaniment to a certain dish, since it is chutney that gives it its taste. 

12. Inca berries

inca berries

Inca berries are used as a cold snack and as an addition to wine, desserts, muesli, baked goods, porridge, chocolate. An unusual and pleasant taste allows you to replace raisins with Inca in baked goods or salads, add to fruit mixes or yoghurts.

13. Imkaret

Imkaret is an Easter biscuit considered a traditional Maltese dish. Very easy to prepare, it is filled with dates, which grow in abundance in Mediterranean countries. Maltese housewives prepare these cookies both at Easter and on ordinary days. I suggest you try this delicious delicacy too.

14. Illawarra plum

Illawarra Plum

The Illawarra plum fruits hang in bunches like grapes, and each of them can reach 3 cm in length. Outside is a small, hard and inedible seed. The Illawarra plum is used in sweet and main dishes, but is most often harvested in the form of canned food and fruit compotes, and is also added to baked goods and sauces. The fleshy part is sweet with a slightly resinous aftertaste.

15. Ilama Fruit

Ilama Fruit

The complex fruit of Ilama is heart-shaped or conical in shape, up to 15 cm long, can weigh up to 1 kg, with a thick, hard skin from pale green to dark pink or purple in color, with a gray velvety bloom. The fruit is studded with more or less pronounced triangular thorns, although some fruits on the same tree may be smooth. The inside of the fruit contains white or pink, fibrous, creamy, sweet pulp with 25 – 80 smooth oblong brown seeds.

16. Idli


Idli is one of the South Indian dishes and often fails if you do not cook with proper knowledge. Idli is like a fluffy and soft steamed bread that is eaten with either chutney or sambar. They are made from rice flour.

17. Idaho Potatoes

idaho potatoes

Idaho Potatoes are popular American dish made up of crispy baked potatoes. Young, medium-sized potatoes are best, and you can use an infinite variety of herbs and spices for the marinade.

18. Iced Tea

Iced Tea

A traditional drink, without which it is already difficult to imagine a hot sunny afternoon!

19. Iced Coffee

iced coffee

It is a great misconception to think that cold coffee is just a cold drink. Because of this association, many deprive themselves of the pleasure of learning a new unusual taste, and in vain, because it has special advantages. Iced coffee refreshes in the heat and replaces other less healthy soft drinks.

20. Ichigo


Ichico are the strawberries that are specifically produced in Japan. They ripen from crimson to red, have a strong aroma, and have a good harmony of sweet and sour taste. Ichico fruits are rich in vitamin C.


That’s the whole list of foods that start with I. You might not have known about most of them and that is because they are rare and some of them are from different countries. But now we have solved that issue for you, you can make your meals tastier and healthier. Also, you can add in the comments section if you think we’ve missed some fruit.

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