Foods that Start with K

Can you name a bunch of foods that start with K without googling? Stop brushing your head. Most people can not. That is why we have created this website.

Lord made gaiety descend upon us and blessed us with thousands of foods packed with a lot of nutrients. But, we didn’t know about most of them. Our website covered a brief introduction to all the foods, fruits, and vegetables in a systematic manner. We choose a particular letter and enlist all the foods that start with that. In this article, we are going to talk about foods that start with K.

1. Kabobs


Of course, the most important thing in a kabob is meat! The choice of meat is up to you, chop it in pieces, add veggies, and barbeque. That’s how I like it. It is always tasty, natural, and healthy!

2. Kale


Kale is a real trendy vegetable in New York and it is hard to imagine a restaurant without it. Celebrities also like to drink kale as a green smoothie, which is supposed to help detoxify. Fresh kale should always have plump, dark green leave Kale tastes spicy and sweet, which is due to the fact that it is only harvested after the first frost, and the cold converts part of the starch contained in the cabbage into sugar.

3. Kaffir Lime

kaffir lime and its leaves

These fruits are small, green, similar to lime fruits, but with a lumpy surface. They are not eaten, since they are very sour and have little juice. Like other citrus fruits, kaffir lime is a source of vitamin C. These small, sour citrus fruits are used to prepare tonic drinks and as a condiment. Finely grated zest of fragrant fruit peels is sometimes added to fish and chicken dishes.

4. Kekap Manis

kekap manis

Kekap Manis is an Indonesian sweet thick soy sauce that’s very easy to make. Thick enough, fragrant, somewhat similar to molasses, with a unique sweet, salty taste. It is great for preparing and serving meat, poultry, or fish. It can be used both as an independent sauce and as an ingredient for the marinade.

5. Ketchup


Ketchup is a versatile sauce that complements the flavor of meat, spaghetti, dumplings, pizza, and a dozen other popular dishes. Perhaps, each of us has our own preferences, which taste to choose. This is a classic universal sauce, without pronounced pungency, sweetish, with a delicate aroma of spices.

6. Key Lime Pie

key lime pie

A perfect combination of unsweetened dough with sweet condensed milk filling and a flavor of aromatic lime! Due to the yellow juice of a lime and the yolks, the cake turns out to be slightly yellow. Of course, lime can be substituted for lemon and even orange. It will be no less tasty! Although lime, nevertheless, gives here its own, special flavoring note.

7. Kidney Bean

kidney beans

Beans are descended from a common ancestor, whose homeland is Peru. Thanks to the movement of Indian traders, it spread throughout South and Central America. Beans are an easily digestible protein. It is a great alternative to meat for vegetarians and fasting people. Kidney beans contain up to 25% protein, which in its nutritional value is not inferior to meat protein. In addition, bean protein is absorbed by 70 – 80%.

8. Kimchi


Kimchi, the Korean dish, is incredibly healthy, this is due to the fact that the composition includes fermented vegetables containing a large number of vitamins, important microelements, fiber, and lactic acid formed during juice fermentation.

9. King Crab

King crab

The king crab is undoubtedly the centerpiece of a dinner, birthday, or corporate event. Crab is a delicacy that is surprisingly simple to prepare. It needs to be boiled in salted water. Boiled-frozen king crab is also called a festive gift.

10. King Mackerel

Mackerel is everyone’s favorite fish, which is appreciated not only by culinary experts but also by fishermen. Quite often, during the festivities, it is present on our tables in salted or smoked form. This fish can be found in the Atlantic Ocean.

11. Kippers

Pan fried kippers

Kippers are another type of fish, smaller in size than king mackerel. To serve, present the kippers accompanied by split potatoes and garnished with butter and crème fraîche. They are common among the foods that start with K.

12. Kiwi


All of you have tasted this fruit or know about it unless, of course, you are living in a cave. Kiwi fruits are oval berries with brownish hairs with a pale green or yellow core. The inside of the fruit contains many small, beautifully arranged black seeds.

13. Knish


Knish is one of the traditional Eastern European snacks with a filling wrapped in flour dough. Famous as a light meal for Eastern European Jews, which can be eaten in a Jewish delicatessen. Similar to the oven-baked type of piroshki, but different in shape.

14. Kohlrabi


Kohlrabi is a cruciferous vegetable, the name of which can be translated as “cabbage turnip”. The edible part of kohlrabi is the stem, which in the aerial part takes on a spherical shape. In its raw form, kohlrabi can be used for salads. Moreover, it can also be boiled, fried, stewed, added to soups. Kohlrabi can replace crunchy vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, radish, and potatoes.

15. Koshihikari Rice

koshihikari rice

The Japanese rice variety Koshihikari is one of the best known and best varieties of Japanese short-grain rice. Due to its consistency after cooking, this type of rice is perfect for making sushi rice. This short-grain rice is much softer than long-grain rice after cooking, the grains are short, almost round, and have a fine, delicate aroma.

16. Kumquat

Sliced Kumquat

Kumquat fruits have a bright orange color, strong pleasant aroma, and unusual taste. Kumquat can be sweet or savory and sour. It is eaten with the skin which is thin and has a slightly tart taste. Kumquat is consumed both raw and processed. It is often used to make candied fruits. You can make jam and jam from the kumquat. Kumquat fruits contain many useful substances, vitamins, and essential oils.

17. Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken

A classic American Chinese dish that involves chicken and peanuts entwined in a spicy sauce containing chili peppers. It is also delicious to use meat and make stir-fried vegetables with a different sauce. If you have meat and nuts, you can make it right away.

18. Kyoho Grapes

kyoho grapes

The fruit is black-skinned, with large seeds and succulent flesh with high juicy content and mild acidity. They are the creation of Japan. Kyoho means a “big or big mountain,” after Mount Fuji, and the goal was to create big berries, so its purple berries catch 12 to 14 grams, the size of a smaller plum. 


The words listed above are the list of all the healthy foods that start with K. Were you surprised? Did you wonder why you had not thought of a few names in the list before? We are sure you would be because most of the names listed above are used only by a minimum number of people. Overall, we hope this article lessened your burden and helped you find what you expected.

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