Foods that Start with L

There are so many different foods, and you’d be surprised to know how many of them haven’t met your taste buds. Our website is full of information about the rarest edible foods, fruits and vegetables, and all the nutrients they are packed with.

In this article, we are going to discuss the foods that start with L. The mainstreamers have all the limelight but there are foods that are not so common and taste much better. It’s time to know their ethereal contribution to mother nature!

Foods that Start with L

Also, not only do we mention the names of the rare foods, but we also briefly about them for you to know what’s good for you. So let’s start getting familiar with the foods that start with L.

1. Lychee


As the name suggests, the lychee is home to China, where it is also called the “dragon’s eye” for its cutaway appearance. Only the jelly-like pulp of the fruit is used for food.

2. Lynchburg Lemonade Cocktail

lynchburg lemonade cocktail

The Lynchburg lemonade cocktail is rightfully considered not just an ordinary lemonade, but almost a classic cocktail. This is due not only to its multifaceted taste, the bouquet of which contains sour, sweet, bitter, and slightly spicy notes but also to the history of the drink itself.

3. Lutefisk


Lutefisk is a traditional Scandinavian fish. The dish is served with mashed peas, bacon, boiled potatoes, or brunost. Mustard and goat cheese are offered as a seasoning. Due to the chemical reaction of fish proteins with lye, the fish acquires a delicate jelly-like consistency and a specific pungent odor. 

4. Lulo Fruits

Lulo fruit

Lulo fruits are orange, round-elliptical with a rough surface, up to 6 cm in diameter, covered with easily removable white hairs. Inside the fruit, there are 4 compartments separated by a membrane septum and filled with transparent green or yellowish, very juicy, slightly acidic pulp, deliciously aromatic, which tastes like a mixture of pineapple, passion fruit, and lemon. 

5. Lotus Root

lotus root

The lotus root is found in silt and sand. It has the shape of an elongated potato tuber, light beige, the roots are connected to each other by narrow bridges, forming a kind of chain that looks like a bunch of sausages. 

On the cut, the pulp of the lotus root has an unusual appearance. Air chambers are located inside the tuber, their position forms a flower, which is clearly visible if the lotus root is cut across. The pulp of the tuber is juicy and firm, slightly sweetish in taste, similar to a water nut.

6. Loquat


Loquat is a fruit that is moderately sweet and not overly assertive. The recommended way to enjoy the goodness of loquat is to eat it raw. Another way to enjoy the goodness of loquat is to make jam or make the compote.

7. Lingonberry

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Lingonberry is called the berry of immortality, so much it has a beneficial effect on human health. Berries reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, have antiulcer and other medicinal properties. The beneficial properties of lingonberry fruits also lie in the fact that it helps to eliminate toxins and even heavy metal salts. Lingonberries are quite sour. Lingonberries are used to prepare jam, jelly, candy filling, compote, jelly, pudding, fruit drink, juice, etc.

8. Lobster Mushroom

Lobster mushrooms

Young lobster mushroom has the appearance of a moldy bloom of red-orange bright color. On it, fruiting bodies are subsequently created, which have a bulbous shape. From this type, you can cook many delicious, unusual dishes and diversify your diet.

9. Lobster


The most basic way to cook a lobster is to boil it whole in salted water for 6-7 minutes. When the lobster is boiled, it turns red. If the lobster is baked or fried, the shell is used as a serving of already cooked meat.

10. Lion’s Mane Mushroom

lion's mane mushroom

An unusual edible mushroom traditionally used in the East. When boiled, it resembles shrimp meat. The taste qualities of these delicious mushrooms are highly valued, are very delicate, sweetish. 

11. Linguinis


Linguinis are cooked like spaghetti, without breaking. This pasta is large enough to be served with thick sauces. The word linguini in Italian means “little tongues”. It is a truly versatile pasta that can be used in a wide variety of dishes – which is the reason for its great popularity both in Italy and abroad.

12. Limes

lime fruit

The fruits are similar in appearance to lemon, but the color of the peel is mainly green. Unlike the lemon so familiar to many, lime has a thinner skin. Under it is a juicy green pulp, which is more acidic than lemon. Fresh fruit is used in a variety of drinks and dishes to give them an incredible aroma and sourness. 

13. Limburger


Limburger cheese is traditionally made from cow’s milk. Due to its specific taste and smell, this product is considered a delicacy that is good as a snack for beer or wine. The classic combination of thinly sliced ​​Limburger, rye bread, and green onions is especially loved by gourmets.

14. Lima Beans

Lima Beans

Lima beans are a plant of the legume family. America is considered the homeland of this vegetable. Since this type of legume was first learned in Lima, this is where the name of the plant originated. There are other names for this vegetable: “moon beans”, which appeared because of its unusual shape, or “butter beans”. This name arose because of the creamy taste.

15. Lilly Pilly fruit

lilly pilly

These are round berries that ripen up to 2 cm in diameter, from whitish to dark purple and pink. The berries look pretty. They are edible, but not delicious. People in Australia use its spongy pulp for making jams and drinks.

16. Lettuce


There are many varieties of lettuce that differ from each other in size, color, and shape. The most popular is a salad with large heads of cabbage, for example, “Batavia”.  Lettuce can be added to the first courses to enhance flavor and health benefits. Lettuce leaves serve as an excellent decoration for a variety of dishes. In addition, lettuce can be cooked, for example, stewed or fried. Leaves can be used instead of cabbage for making stuffed cabbage.

17. Lentil


These legumes are nutritious and provide the body with many vitamins and minerals while being easily absorbed. Lentils have been eaten since prehistoric times, as they gave a feeling of fullness for a long time and saturates the body with the necessary substances.

18. Lemongrass


Lemongrass is a famous aromatic plant that is widely used in cooking recipes for the mild and sweet lemon aroma that its leaves emit. Originating in southern India and Sri Lanka, lemongrass belongs to the same plant family as wheat and corn, grows in clusters, and has elongated leaves that reach almost a meter in length.

The inner part of the bases of the lemongrass shoots is pleasant to eat and is used both in sautéing and fresh in salads. Chopped or mashed lemongrass leaves are used for flavoring in sauces and marinades.

19. Lemon Verbena

lemon verbena

The fresh or dry leaves, with a very fine, lemony flavor, add a pleasant flavor to fish, sauces, marinades, poultry, fillings, pastries, oil, vinegar. Chop them very finely in fruit salads. Infuse them in hot milk to make delicious desserts. Macerated in sugar and fruit alcohol, alone or with other plants, they turn into delicate liquor. 

20. Lavash


Lavash is an unleavened white bread made from wheat flour, which is popular among many nations. Usually, it is cooked in a tandoor oven.

21. Latte

Latte is the modern abbreviation for a caffe latte, which means coffee with milk. Although, given the proportions of the ingredients, it is true to say that latte is still milk with added coffee. If you follow the rules of preparation, a neat light brown foam appears on the coffee surface. 

22. Latke


Latke is a traditional Jewish dish, pancakes made from root vegetables or raw vegetables. Try the potato and onion latke. Serve with applesauce or sour cream.

23. Lasagna


It is among the most common foods that start with L. Lasagna is a type of Italian pasta, which is a layer of durum wheat dough, which is sandwiched with various fillings and baked. Lasagna is a traditional Italian dish and there are many ways to prepare it. 

24. Langsat Fruit

langsat fruit

Covered with pale brown or gray-yellow skin, the langsat fruit has a round shape. Translucent white fruit pulp, juicy and aromatic, divided into 5-6 segments. Each segment contains 1-2 long bones. The pulp of langsat is sweet in taste, with a little bitterness. Langsat fruits are eaten both fresh and heat-treated. They are boiled and canned in syrup.

25. Lamb


Today, lamb is widely used for the preparation of fried and stewed dishes, soups, and broths. Many peoples of the world use lamb in their kitchens, but the peoples of the East especially value this meat. They prepare famous dishes from it: shurpa, beshbarmak, pilaf, shish kebab, manti.

26. Lebanese cucumber

labanese cucumber

It is smaller (it is half the length of the classic cucumber and weighs only a third of its weight), sweeter, and crisper than the one we know. Virtually seedless, tolerant to several diseases, the Lebanese cucumber is also found to be easier to digest. It can even be eaten with the skin, which is thin and tender. Sweet and crispy flavor, never bitter. It is delicious in salads, with tomatoes and olives.

27. Lakoocha Fruit

These fruits are also called monkey fruits or breadfruits. The fruit of the monkey tree is very nutritious. They are an essential nutrient for humans. The fruits are green or dull yellow at first. Finally, when ripe, they turn pinkish-brown with a yellow tint. The flesh is sweet and sour, which is eaten both raw and cooked with curry or chutney.


28. Lablab Fruit


Lablab fruits grow up to six centimeters in length and are purple or green in color. Seeds are in the shape of an ellipse. The color is black and brown. A large amount of easily digestible protein allows us to use Lablab beans in many dishes: side dishes, soups, salads.


That is all about the foods that start with L. You must’ve not known them all and if you did, you deserve a crown. So we are taking leave now and we will be back with another list. As always, the comments are open if you feel like we have missed something in the list, you can tell us and we will add it to the list.

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