Foods that Start with M

All the foods that start with M are systematically arranged in this article. If you read it till the end, you will be getting familiar with all the healthy foods with the letter M that you’ve never heard of in your existence. It is the most appropriate place for you if you want to add more stuff to your diet and try different cuisines. We have more articles about fruits and vegetables too on our website for you. You can explore it at your leisure.

Foods that Start with M

Starting with the most common foods that start with M to the rarest of them, everything could be found in the list. Read it till the end.

1. Maple Syrup

maple syrup

Maple syrup is one of the world’s favorite natural sweeteners. Maple syrup was originally made from the sap of certain types of maple trees in eastern Canada as well as parts of the northeastern United States.

2. Matelote

Matelote is a French soup or stew made of freshwater fish. You can garnish the dish with small triangles of bread fried in butter or puff pastry florets. Fresh noodles are the best accompaniment for this matelote.

3. Mayyonaise


Mayonnaise is a thick creamy sauce that is usually served chilled or at room temperature as a sauce, dressing, or seasoning. Mayonnaise is composed of vegetable oil, eggs, and acid (vinegar or lemon juice). Usually the oil and acid do not combine, but the lecithin in the egg yolk “envelops” the oil droplets, binding the mixture into a stable emulsion. This emulsion is seasoned with salt, sugar, and spices.  

4. Matzo


Every gourmet, regardless of religion, had to try matzo at least once in his life. This is a special bread, unleavened flatbread, which Jews are allowed to use during the Passover celebration. Dry, crispy, deliberately primitive bread can be used to make cookies and cakes.

5. Mascarpone


This delicious cheese is often referred to as confectionery. However, its creamy tenderness is appropriate not only in desserts but also in hundreds of other interesting dishes, hot and cold.

6. Marshmellow


It is among the most common foods that start with M. Marshmallows are sweet and spongy delicacies that could be eaten as snacks, desserts, or as a topping of beverages. They could be made in different flavors.

7. Marrow


 We love this vegetable for its simplicity and versatility. It can be used to cook various delicious dishes. But Marrow also has a dark side i.e., not everyone can eat them and not always. The other name of this vegetable is Zucchini and is high in potassium, B vitamins, dietary fiber, and antioxidants that provide tremendous health benefits. 

Marrow, the brother of pumpkin and cucumber, contains cucurbitacin, a toxic substance with a bitter unpleasant taste that can cause an acute reaction in the body.

8. Marmalade


Marmalade is a real art, isn’t it? A completely natural dessert, which, moreover, suits the fussiest. This is a delicacy that turned out to be timeless and survived all the pasta, eclairs, and tarts along with the mousse cakes. But there is also something wonderful in marmalade is that it only takes about 20 minutes to cook. 

9. Marianara Sauce

marianara sauce

If you are not too worried about the mystery of the birth of marinara sauce, it can be a real salvation in a situation when you urgently need to figure out a quick dinner, serve baked meat or make pizza. The marinara recipe is based on a combination of garlic, ripe tomatoes, oregano, and basil, ingredients that blend flawlessly and go well with almost any dish.

10. Margarine


For main courses, snacks, dough products that are combined to taste with butter, only table varieties of margarine are used. The main raw materials for the production of margarine are various vegetable and animal fats, which are subjected to a hydrogenation process (i.e., transferred from a liquid to a solid-state). To give the margarine the color of butter, food vegetable dyes are added to it.

11. Marang Fruit


It has a spherical, slightly elongated shape, the length of which is 20 cm. The weight of the fruit is usually about a kilogram, but sometimes it reaches 2.5 kg. The fresh fruit gives off a strong smell and excellent taste. There are thorns on the surface of the skin, but they are soft, and when the fruit is ripe, the thorns become hard. The color of the fruit is green, but when it ripens, it becomes yellow-green in color.

12. Manicotti


Manicotti is traditionally prepared from a special type of pasta – cannelloni (tubules). But stuffing them with filling is quite difficult, so we suggest using sheets for lasagna. The filling of creamy ricotta, tender spinach, and smoked bacon will ideally complement the original cheese and tomato sauce.

13. Mangosteen


The exotic fruit mangosteen is one of the most delicious and popular fruits that is grown in Southeast Asia. It contains many vitamins and nutrients that our body needs. The mangosteen has a reddish-purple rind and is a light, slightly transparent fruit. The mangosteen pulp is similar in taste and texture to a dense grape.

14. Mango


The ancient Indians were not mistaken – mango, indeed, can be safely called a source of vitality. It contains dozens of useful microelements that are able to raise a person to their feet in the shortest possible time. Firstly, it is a group of B vitamins (B1, B2, B5, B6, B9), vitamins A, C, and D. Secondly, mango contains different minerals – zinc, manganese, iron, and phosphorus. This composition of the fruit increases it’s protective and strengthening properties. Mango is an excellent antioxidant.

15. Mandarin


Mandarins are crossed with many citrus fruits to create interesting hybrids. True, they are rarely found in the store. Hybrid with orange – tangor, with grapefruit – mineola, and others. Mandarins are mostly eaten fresh and added to salads and baked goods. Also, jams, jellies are made from the pulp and zest of tangerines, and candied fruits are made from the peel. The zest is dried and added to tea, as a seasoning for meat and baked goods.

16. Mamey Sapote

Mamey Sapote

 The fruit of the mama sapote is oval, large, 10-25 cm long, and 8-12 cm across, with a thin, brown, rough skin and reddish-orange pulp. In the middle of the fruit, there is a large dark stone 5-8 cm long. Such a fruit weighs on average about a kilogram, but there are also larger ones. The pulp of a ripe fruit has a creamy consistency, very sweet, its taste is usually described as a combination of pumpkin, chocolate, and almonds or sweet potatoes, avocado, and honey.

17. Mahimahi


Mahi-mahi is valued not only for its taste, but also because it has a large number of beneficial properties, polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, and many other important substances that only fish living in the depths of the sea can have. The meat of the mahimahi fish is very juicy and tender, despite the fact that it contains little fat. Fish meat is baked, fried, stewed, and marinated.

18. Mackerel

Smoked Mackerel fish

In cooking, the taste and nutritional qualities of mackerel have long been appreciated, because this fish is good in any form. Mackerel is boiled, stewed, fried, stuffed, baked, salted, pickled, smoked. It is great for canning with vegetable oil or tomato sauce.

19. Macaroons

four, macaroons

The macaroons are essentially two biscuits, made of almond meringue and, with a little sugar combined with jam, buttercream, or ganache cream. You will find them in an endless variety with natural flavors of fresh fruit and fillings.

20. Macadamia Nuts


Most often, the product is used in desserts and baked goods. However, crushed nuts are also used in salads, as well as served with seafood, meat and fish. Macadamia oil is added to sauces and dressings.

21. Mustard


Mustard is one of the oldest spices in the world, it was used in food both in Europe and in China. The historical homeland of mustard is usually called the Roman Empire. Hippocrates used mustard as a medicine, prepared from non-medicinal baths for colds and various viruses. Alexander the Great fed his soldiers with mustard so that they were “hot” in battle.

22. Mutton


Mutoon goes well with hot sauces, but in the East it is customary to add dates, apricots, and sweet wine to it. You can emphasize the rich taste of Mutton using a variety of spices like cumin, thyme, oregano, marjoram. A variety of vegetables will become an excellent side dish. Potatoes will reveal the taste of fried meat, zucchini, legumes and various sour sauces will accentuate the tenderness of the stew.

23. Muskmelon

musk melon

The general appearance of the fruit is not much different from the traditional melon. They are oval or round fruits 15-25 centimeters in diameter with greenish or orange flesh are tied. The taste and aroma are similar to the classic melon, the sweetness of well-ripened fruits is high. The muskmelon is best consumed fresh or made into juice.

24. Mushroom


Since ancient times, mushrooms are being eaten by many people. In terms of the content of vitamins and minerals, mushrooms are a useful food product. There is an attractive feature in mushrooms: it is interesting to collect them, making long walks in the forest. When the mushroom season begins, hundreds of people rush to the forest. 

25. Mullet


Mullet is a valuable commercial fish. It is distinguished by its excellent taste. White tasty meat, the absence of small bones have created a good culinary fame: excellent fish dishes are prepared from it (fried mullet, boiled mullet), but the most delicious is dried or smoked mullet, especially gutted mullet.

26. Muffins


Muffins are small cakes. During the season of apples and pears, I add 3 finely chopped apples, 2 pears to my muffins, preheating in a pan for 5 minutes. Then I add 2.5 tablespoons of honey and 50 grams of chopped almonds. I pour it into the finished dough. 

27. Muesli


Muesli is a combined product for breakfast and dietary nutrition, made from raw or baked cereals, dried fruits, bran, nuts, honey and spices. Those who do not welcome a raw food diet may well boil muesli for 2-3 minutes before use. 

28. Mozzarella


Mozzarella is a soft young pickled cheese, one of the iconic ingredients of Italian cuisine. Mozzarella is ubiquitous in Italian cuisine: from salads and pasta to desserts, it is a welcome guest everywhere. Soft cheese with a neutral flavor is extremely livable.

29. Mousse


Mousse is an airy dessert made from berries and fruits with semolina and other ingredients. Like jelly, this dessert came to us from France. So if you want to try something truly amazing, be sure to make a mousse.

30. Moussaka


Moussaka with eggplant is a prominent representative of traditional Greek cuisine. This is, in fact, a flaky vegetable casserole with fried minced meat, drenched in creamy cheese sauce. Because of its similarity to the famous Italian masterpiece, moussaka is also called “vegetable lasagna”.

31. Molasses

Bakers also add molasses to their products, including some types of bread . Molasses not only sweetens the baked goods, but also makes the structure of the dough more tender and fluffy. Due to its taste, starch syrup has found wide application in the food industry. It is used as a sweetener in the production of halva, caramel, marmalade, waffles, gingerbread, marshmallow, preserves, jam. 

32. Mocha


Probably no other coffee drink has as many names as mocha. In Europe, it is called no other than moccacino, but some even call this chocolate-coffee cocktail latte. No matter how you call mocha, the taste of the drink will not change, and the number of its admirers will not decrease either.

33. Minestrone


The classic Italian soup can be lean or non-lean, depending on whether you add bacon and parmesan or not. Believe me, it will be delicious without them!

34. Milkshakes

Use a blender to turn ice cream and milk into a homogeneous mass. Transfer to a tall glass. Garnish with whipped cream, syrups, cookies, fruits and berries as desired.

35. Melon


The historical homeland of the melon is considered to be Central and Asia Minor. Melon is high in antioxidants, including choline, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene. These compounds, in turn, reduce the risk of developing a variety of diseases.

36. Mora

 Fresh Mora Fruit

Mora berries are found round and small, as well as elongated and large. The fruit is crimson and purple in color. Fruits contain many nutrients. The pulp has an unusual aroma and excellent taste. In cooking, they prepare jam, jam, jelly, compote.

37. Merlot Grape

merlot grape

The Merlot grape is one of the most famous grape varieties. The shape of the fruit is round. The color is black with an abundant blue waxy coating. The peel is dense, the pulp is juicy with transparent juice, has a harmonious taste with a taste of nightshade. 

38. Moriche Palm fruit

Moriche Palm

This fruit is commonly known as Buriti. The fruits are actively used in cooking, and buriti oil is used in traditional and alternative medicine, cosmetology. Buriti is actively used for cooking meat, seafood, side dishes, desserts.

39. Malay apple

malay apple

The inside of the fruit contains a juicy white crunchy pulp with a slightly sweetish taste. The homeland of the Malay apple is supposedly Malaysia. This plant has long been cultivated in India and Southeast Asia, then spread to the Pacific islands.

40. Maracuya Fruit

maracuya, passion fruit

Maracuya is known as the ‘Passion Fruit’ in most countries. The peel of the fruit is quite dense, and inside there is a jelly-like pulp, there are no seeds. The taste is sweet, a little sour, and slightly tart.


This marks the end of our blog of foods that start with M. You can check out our previous blogs on foods with different letters. For this list, if you wish to add something, you can comment below and we will update it on our blog as soon as we can. Till then, good bye, just for now.

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