Foods that Start with N

Believe it or not, in the colossal realm of delicious foods, you can’t reckon how much you are missing. I am not here to give you an existential crisis. On the contrary, I am going to help you list out some of the delicious foods that start with N this universe has to offer.

Foods that Start with N

As always, we first enlist all the fruits that start with the letter we picked that day, and then we brief about them one by one below so you don’t miss out on the important information. So here we start.

1. Nigiri

Nigiri Sushi

Nigiri Sushi is one of the favorite foods of many people. They are eaten not only on holidays, but can also be pampered on any other day. It is best to order sushi in specialized restaurants and cafes, and a company that specializes specifically in Japanese cuisine would be a good option. Nigiri sushi prepared by the hands of specialists will always be delicious and fresh.

2. Natto


Natto is a food product obtained by fermenting boiled soybeans wrapped in rice straw for 24 hours. Natto is usually eaten with rice or mixed with soy sauce, mustard, green onions, and grated daikon. It is also added to other dishes: salads, spaghetti, or additionally fried. Dried natto, with less strong odor and less stringiness, can serve as a snack.

3. Naengmyeon


In Japan, it is often called Korean cold noodles. Nowadays, cold noodle specialty stores are opening in many countries, and cold noodle products are lined up in supermarkets, so it is not uncommon to see so-called “Korean cold noodles”.

4. Nankhatayi


These are the most famous shortbread sweet biscuits in Indian subcontinent.

5. Naan


If there is anything about Indian cuisine that you will love, it is naan. Sourced from northern Indian cuisine, these flatbreads are a mix of the best: soft and supple with black toasted specks and crunchy underneath.

6. Navajo Tacos

navajo tacos

This will always and always be one of my favorite foods that start with N! Yes, healthy eating is great and all, but sometimes we need some comfort food, like these fried bread tacos.

7. Nshima


Nshima is prepared from water and flour without salt and spices. Nshimu is eaten with various fried grass, meat, fish, mushrooms, eggs, tomatoes, and onions.

8. Nugatin

Delicious, crunchy nugatin is roasted. It cooks very quickly, although it is eaten even faster. Take note! Although it is very simple to prepare nugatin, there are still a few rules. Never stir the sugar while it is melting or it will start to crystallize. Lemon juice or another acid is required, it helps the sugar to melt better and dilutes the sweetness a little.

9. Nesselrode Pudding

This dessert of chestnut with custard, decorated with glazed fruits, is named after the Russian diplomat K.V. Nesselrode. It is also called Chestnut Parfait.

10. Nougat


The mixture is made from three ingredients- honey, egg whites and almonds make this amazing confectionary called nougats. Nougat is made all year round, but its traditional season is Carnival.

11. Nutella


Nutella is a registered trademark of a sweet spread of hazelnuts with the addition of cocoa and milk. Now it is famous and makes a good snack when spreaded in bread or pancakes. 

12. Nihari


Here’s another famous food from Indian subcontinent. Nihari is made by slowcooking beef or mutton and adding different spices to it according to your taste.

13. Nuggets


Well who haven’t tried nuggets. They could be chicken, veg or plain cheese, they make a wonderful and crispy snack for everyone. Moreover, they are super easy to make at home.

14. Nuts


Nuts are an irreplaceable nutritious product that a person needs. Snacking on something else couldn’t be more healthy than nuts. Also, you should not over eat them as overeating can cause much harm.

15. Napa Cabbage

napa cabbage

The large, usually tight, very pale green heads of an eastern species of the “Brassica” family. They are widely cultivated, although they come from China, have a mild taste, and are often pickled. They are used in frying with stirring (also called Chinese cabbage, celery, Beijing cabbage).

16. Nutmeg


Like cinnamon and allspice, nutmeg is a spice with a very intense aroma. With just one distinct shade of nutmeg, you can change the flavor of a dish and make it your signature. The spice gives everything to which it is added, a pronounced warm, nutty, slightly sweet aroma and taste. The sweet earthy flavor of nutmeg is used in desserts and salty dishes from cuisines around the world.

17. Nonda Plum

Nonda Plum

Nonda plums are fruits, not aliases (as they might sound to some people). Their colors can range from yellow-orange to magenta and include several shades in between. They are shaped like ovals or slightly deformed circles and have a hard outer shell. They are edible, but most people don’t find them particularly tasty.

18. Neem


Neem is one of the most famous and revered plants in India, used in both Ayurvedic medicine and cosmetology. Neem is known for its anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects, it can and should be used to treat any respiratory disease in the acute phase. The plant Neem is a very effective preparation for cleansing the blood and liver from toxins.

Also, Neem is one of the main drugs for the treatment of various skin diseases.

19. Nectarines


Nectarines are characterized by a stronger acidity than peaches. The flesh is yellow, hard, and firm. Ripe nectarines are juicy and have a deeper taste. The sweet and mellow scent resembles a peach. The biggest difference between nectarines and peaches is the skin. Nectarine skins are slippery, while peach skins have fine hairs.

20. Nashi Pear

nashi pear

In their shape, they are more like apples, the same round or slightly oblong, in some cases conical. The surface color can also be different: from white to light green, bright yellow, bronze with a blush. Sometimes you can see small brown spots on the skin. The pulp is juicy white (light cream), crispy and sweet. Interestingly, even in unripe fruits, the pulp has a very sweet taste. 

21. Naranja


The fruits are pubescent, yellow, the size of a small orange weighing 50-70 g, resembling a tomato in their internal structure. The pulp is green, juicy with a pineapple-strawberry taste and smell. This fruit quenches thirst, improves sleep, strengthens the nervous system. It is a good diuretic and purifies the blood. Due to the high content of phosphorus and vitamin A, it strengthens the nervous system, as well as hair and nails.

22. Nance


Nance fruits are round in shape, usually no more than 12 cm in diameter, with a glossy orange-yellow skin. Inside, there is an oily, milky-white fruit pulp, distinguished by its sweet taste and pronounced pungent odor. In addition, in the fruits of nance, you can find a hard stone of irregular shape. It is noteworthy that nance fruits are eaten not only fresh but also cooked. In addition, these fruits are used as ingredients in the preparation of some exotic main dishes, soups, and sauces.

23. Naartjie


Flattened from the poles, the fruits are round in shape, covered with a thin orange peel. Under it there is a juicy pulp of the same color, which is divided into slices (see photo). By the way, there are practically no seeds in this fruit. The average weight of the fruit does not exceed 70 g.

24. Nori


Nori is a high-density nutritional food (seaweed) in which ingredients such as vitamins and minerals are condensed. It is dull purple-brown in the sea. but turns green when soaked in lime water or boiling water. Many of them are salted, so they are used for salads and snacks after being salted.


That’s it about all the foods that start with N. How much of them you didn’t know about? The most beneficial of them is neem. You can read more about it and include in it your daily lives for good health. Till I come up with another list, Goodbye and take care.

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