Foods that Start with O

Nowadays it is very popular to make fruit and berry salads, various cocktails and add fruits and berries to desserts. But what if we tell you that you are missing on a majority of foods because you are not familiar with them. That’s right. That is where we come in. In this article, we will be discussing all the foods that start with O.

Foods that start with O

Read the article till the end to get familiar with all the fruits that start with the alphabet O.

1. Oysters


There are quite a few options for serving oysters: in Thailand, for example, they are served with lime, fried onions, and chili sauce, but the most classic is still served on ice with lemon and a sauce-based on vinegar and onions. Oysters can be consumed either in their pure form to experience their great natural taste with fresh marine notes, or by dripping a little lemon juice, wine vinegar sauce, or soy sauce on them.

2. Oyakodon


 Oyakodon is a simple rice bowl made from eggs and chicken. This dish came from Japan. This rice bowl is soft and smooth, with a salty, and sweet taste, which is very delicious.

3. Ovos Moles de Aveiro

Ovos moles is an extraordinary Portuguese dessert consisting of the thinnest layer of dough and a large portion of sweet egg cream. In the homeland of ovos moles, in Portugal, this dessert can be contemplated in a variety of forms: it is shaped into animals, fish, birds, shells.

4. Osumasi

Being anywhere in the world, even in a western restaurant, a Japanese will order a soup from the menu. The Japanese prefer vegetable and fish soups, of the meat soups, Osumasi is the most popular.

5. Ostriche arrosto

They might sound like they have something to do with ostriches but they are the oysters that are fried. They are widely common among the foods that start with O in Italy.

6. Osmanthus Cake

osmanthus cake

This pastry cake has more than 300 years of history and is a delicious cookie, the main ingredients of which are glutinous rice flour, sugar, and osmanthus honey. Additionally, sweet bean paste, butter, and nuts are often used.

7. Osiruko


Osiruko is a sweet dessert soup made from adzuki fried in sugar syrup with the addition of fried pieces of mochi rice cake. Osiruko is served hot and is therefore considered an ideal dish for the cold season. 

8. Oroblanco


Oroblanco Fruits are flattened, greenish-yellow when ripe, and smooth. The rind is thicker than that of grapefruit, and, contains a lot of bitterness. The pulp is pale yellow, sweet, very juicy, with low acid content. There are almost no seeds. These fruits are enriched with vitamin C.

9. Oritang


Oritang is a spicy Korean soup with duck and vegetables. The main secret of Asian cuisine is in the balance of spicy, sour, and sweet and, of course, in the harmony of taste, juicy tender duck meat goes well with the aromatic broth, a bouquet of spices, and vegetables.

10. Oreos


Well, Oreos are worldwide famous and make a perfect food to snack on any time anywhere. If you don’t know, Oreos are the choco-vanilla biscuits. They taste better while dipped in milk.

11. Oregon Grape

oregon grape

Oblong, bluish-gray, sweet, and sour edible fruits up to 1 cm ripen in early August. Californians traditionally use the bitter potion from the roots of Oregon grapes to increase appetite and for general weakness as a tonic. The berries are very useful, just a storehouse of vitamins and minerals! Delicious jams and preserves are made from them. 

12. Oranges


Who doesn’t know about oranges? The fruits have an orange peel and aromatic, juicy, sweet, and sour pulp. Oranges are eaten fresh, they are used to make jams, marmalade, candied fruits, and they are used to flavor drinks and confectionery products. There are many recipes for cooking meat with oranges. Wines, liqueurs, and vodkas are infused on the peel of oranges, and the slices are candied.

13. Opera Cakes

opera cake

Opera cake is a French dessert that is popular all over the world. Thin almond cakes “Gioconda”, soaked in coffee syrup, and between them alternating coffee and chocolate creams, and completes the whole chocolate glaze. Tempting, isn’t it?

14. Onigiri


Onigiri is a unique Japanese dish. Outwardly, onigiri resembles a ball or pyramid, which is very convenient to take anywhere since the dish does not require heating and is eaten cold. The onigiri recipe is very simple, so it will not be difficult to repeat it at home since it only requires rice, nori leaves, and filling. In fact, this is an analog of a sandwich or pie with a delicious sweet or salty filling, which you can take with you for a quick snack.

15. Onion Kulcha

onion kulcha

They are like the Naans in look but have a slightly tangy taste of onions. Not to mention, they are softer and fluffier. They are baked in the oven, unlike Naans.

16. Onion Bhaji

onion bhaji

In India, onion crunchy tortillas are cooked in a wok or deep-fried. This dish should definitely be crispy like chips, but if you cooked it beforehand and they become soft, heat them in the oven or fry them without oil in a hot pan before serving.

17. Omurice


Omelet rice, the standard for egg dishes. However, it is surprisingly difficult to make it at home, and the appearance and taste are clearly different from those of Western restaurants. It is a famous Japanese omelet.

18. Omelet

Freshly cooked homemade omelet

An omelet with milk cooked in a pan is a very quick and simple dish. However, the ideal result will require some skill from you: the omelet should turn out to be very tender, without any crispy crust. Pay special attention to the fact that eggs with milk are whipped, more precisely, they are shaken with a fork. 

19. Olive all’ascalona

This ancient recipe born around the end of the 19th century involves the use of “tender ascolane” olives, generally preserved in a brine seasoned with wild fennel seeds and local aromatic herbs, and also of three different types of meat, namely beef, pork, and chicken (or turkey), combined with Parmigiano Reggiano, vegetables and herbs.

20. Olives

Green and Black Olives

If you want to try a quality product, then your choice is whole olives. Seedless fruits are best used for salads and appetizers that use rich dressings rather than olive oil. Ripe black olives are duller and less glossy than “colored” olives. They may also have color spots, since natural fruits have every right to do so.

21. Okroshka


Okroshka is a famous Russian dish that comprises boiled mashed potatoes, eggs, and many other veggies. It is served with cream for a refreshing taste. It also goes well with different kinds of meets.

22. Okra 


This low-calorie dietary product is good for those who care about their weight and health, and it is very tasty, the main thing is to cook okra correctly. Interestingly, not only the pods but also the leaves of the okra are edible. They can be cooked like beetroot or used fresh as an ingredient in a salad. If okra seeds are roasted and ground, they will make a very coffee-like beverage, only decaffeinated.

23. Okonomiyaki


Okonomiyaki is a large cabbage pancake that the Japanese often make at home. This dish is sometimes called Japanese pizza due to its ease of preparation and the variety of possible toppings. Egg dough and cabbage are taken as a basis, and then you can add anything you like: ham, seafood, and vegetables.

24. Ohitashi

A cooking method in which green vegetables are soaked in soup stock. It also looks attractive and easy to make with various kinds of vegetables such as spinach and Japanese mustard spinach. 

25. Ogbono Soup

 The most important component for Ogbono Soup, one of the most popular nigerian dishes, is authentic dried ogbono seeds, seeds of wild mango, or Gabonese Irvingia. Dried seafood like crayfish, shrimps, snails, etc is a common addition. If desired, you can add greens to the soup, for example, spinach, pumpkin leaves, turnip tops, or cabbage. 

26. Ochazuke


Ocha means tea and zuke means soaked, so as the name suggests, ochazuke is a dish that includes tea poured onto a bowl of rice. Sometimes in a restaurant serving ochazuke, they may serve it with a homemade soup base unique to their restaurant.

27. Octopus


After heat treatment, the octopus meat becomes creamy or slightly pink in color. For culinary purposes, as a rule, small octopuses are used. Octopuses are boiled, fried, stewed, baked, pickled. In addition, whole carcasses are stuffed, while vegetables, potatoes, cereals and legumes, and minced fish are used for the filling.

28. Oats


Oats are usually pressed into flakes and can be eaten whole, in pastries, bread, muesli, and various other products. The oat bran (composed mainly of the rich outer shell of the granules fibers) is often consumed separately in various formulations, in muesli or pastries.

29. Oatmeal


Who said that fast food cannot be healthy and tasty? Lazy Oatmeal is a unique healthy instant breakfast that doesn’t even have to go to the stove. You just need to take everything, mix it in a jar and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. And in the morning you will have an amazingly tasty porridge with berries, banana, or chia seeds, which will please even those who hate ordinary porridge.

30. Oat Cake


The cake will be especially enjoyed by those who love oatmeal cookies. Who does not love them?  Crispy aromatic pastries and rich berry filling of almost jelly consistency, I really liked this combination.

31. Oregano


The aromatic herb oregano is incredibly good with many dishes and drinks, but especially with meat dishes. The aroma and taste of the spice depend on its quality. It is important that these are beautiful and healthy leaves, rich in essential oils and vitamins.

Oregano goes well with ham, salads, fish sauces. It is an indispensable seasoning for baked pork and lamb, meat soups, baked potatoes. You need to add it shortly before the dish is ready.


That is all about the foods that start with O. Make your meals better by including these foods in them and do your health a favor while you are at it. Oreo is my favorite thing to snack on. Tell us about your favorite food with the letter O in the comments.

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