Foods that Start with Q

There are not many foods that start with Q. Trust me, I’ve searched the whole web. But the length does not matter because the few foods I am going to tell you about taste impeccable and will definitely make up for the small list. So read out till the end to outshine (or impress a few) who don’t know about the foods mentioned in this article.

Foods that start with Q

Now, I am going to tell you in brief about all the foods that start with Q for you to savor them up.

1. Quinoa

Quinoa Seeds

Along with chia, amaranth, chickpeas, and other crops that are exotic for our country, quinoa has firmly entered the diet of all supporters of a healthy diet. And this is not surprising, because small grains contain a storehouse of useful elements. They are easy and quick to prepare, have a delicate taste, and are liked even by fastidious children.

2. Quince


The beneficial properties of quince and its taste are different from other fruits. Quince cannot boast of the glossy beauty of apples, nor the juicy sweetness of pears, but how fragrant it is! This is one of the few fruits that cannot always be eaten raw, the quince is very hard, but we also need it, and our health. Yes, quince contains moderate amounts of vitamin C and copper, as well as small amounts of B vitamins, iron, potassium, and magnesium, but with very few calories!

3. Quick Bread

quick bread

The fact that there is nothing better than homemade baking is not even worth talking about. And there is definitely nothing better than homemade bread! Fragrant, with an airy crumb and a crispy crust!

4. Quiche


Quiche is a French unsweetened open pie stuffed with eggs and milk. Quiche is a very satisfying pie, and in France, it can be part of any meal, except, perhaps, breakfast. A variety of ingredients are added to the egg-milk mixture: cheese, bacon, pieces of meat or poultry cooked separately, mushrooms, vegetables. 

5. Queso

Queso is a dip made from a mixture of melted cheeses and hot chili peppers, traditionally served with corn nachos chips, tortillas, and in various Mexican dishes such as quesadilla, enchilada, tacos. Make a double chili cheese dip with hot serrano peppers and a slightly softer jalapeno.

6. Quesadilla


Here is the most common dish among the foods that start with Q. Quesadilla is an instant Mexican snack that consists of half-folded tortillas (wheat or corn), fried in a pan, stuffed with vegetables, meat, or poultry. An obligatory component of the filling for quesadilla is cheese.

7. Querina Apple

Querina apple

The fruit is medium, with a short truncated cone shape. The skin is greenish-yellow covered with red from the sun on more than half of the surface. The pulp is white, very compact, with excellent taste characteristics.

8. Quandong

the fruit is also known as the ‘Native peach’. it is a combination of sour, salty, and slightly sweet. They are bright red in color and size is about 2-2.5 cm. The pulp is not much inside the cover as it is mostly composed of seeds. They are mostly used to make desserts or juices.

Quandong Australia

9. Quail Eggs

Quail Eggs

Quail eggs have been known since ancient times, they are suitable for human consumption and not only have they been considered a very valuable food but experts in natural methods of treatment assure that their inclusion in our diet ensures an ally in the prevention and treatment of various health problems.

10. Quinault Strawberry

quinault strawberry

They are bigger and softer than the normal strawberry and they weigh around 15-20 g. They are a combination of sweet and sour. The ruby-red fruits are very enticing and you can help but savor them when you see them. They could be eaten fresh or used in jams or desserts.


Foods that Start with Q couldn’t even make it to more than ten but what we have is not bad either. If you think we’ve missed any food that starts with the alphabet Q, you can tell us in the comments and we will update our list. Till I come up with another list, you can explore the other lists I’ve made for you by visiting our website. Till then, goodbye!

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