Foods that Start with R

All the foods that start with R are listed in this article so you don’t have to scratch your back over it. On our website, there is everything that you need to know about the things that mother nature has to offer. You can explore at your leisure. But right now, we will be discussing all the foods that start with the alphabet R.

Foods that Start with R

The foods that start with R are as follow:

1. Rosehip


Yep, it is real fruit and the number fourteenth in the list of fruits that start with R. It is not by chance that this incredibly beautiful, fragrant, and useful plant is called the wild rose. A close relative of the most beautiful flower on earth, the rosehip also has thorns, but at the same time, it is rich in vitamin C and other useful microelements. From the juice of fresh fruits, the syrup is usually made, and from the fruits themselves, rosehip extract is made.

2. Rutabaga


The root crop grows in Europe, America, as well as in northern Africa. The rind of the rutabaga on top is usually greenish-gray or brown, and below the fruit is usually yellow, sometimes with a pronounced purple tint. The flesh of the swede is white, creamy, or yellow. The shape of the root crops, depending on the variety, can be round, oval, in the form of a cylinder or an oblate ball. Different varieties of rutabagas have different sweetness and different starch content. 

3. Risotto


There is no classic risotto recipe. The permanent ingredients of this dish are rice and broth. The rest of the ingredients may vary. For any risotto, chicken or vegetable broth is suitable. Sometimes mushroom, fish, or beef will be appropriate. 

4. Rigatoni


Rigatoni is the perfect dish for gourmets who prefer Italian cuisine. Excellent pasta made from durum wheat has long conquered all of Europe with its unique taste and satiety. This pasta can be enjoyed at any time of the day, combining it with your favorite dressings, sauces, as well as any dishes of meat, poultry, vegetables, fish, and seafood.

5. Rhubarb


The homeland of rhubarb is Southeast Asia. It is known that even 3 millennia ago, Tibetan monks used the root of the plant to treat many ailments.

Due to its rich composition and excellent taste, it is often included in the diet. It is especially useful for people with weakened immune systems. Enriching the body with valuable vitamins and microelements, rhubarb has antimicrobial, choleretic, restorative properties. 

6. Red Currant Cake

red currant cake

Red currant cake is a nostalgic dessert for amazing people. The combination of berry sponge cake with curd cream is striking in its beauty, rich taste, and chic appearance. The recipe is quick, simple, and straightforward. Even an inexperienced cook can handle such beautiful homemade cakes.

7. Red Mombin

red mombin

Drupes of red mombin are egg-shaped or elliptical. The size of the fruits reaches 4.5 x 3.5 cm, weight 20-30 g. Their smooth, shiny, thin, strong peel at the time of ripening becomes first orange or yellow, and later red or purple. Juicy-mealy, somewhat fibrous, soft pulp of the fruit of a yellow-orange or yellow color up to 8 mm thick with an aromatic sweet and sour taste, often somewhat astringent. 

8. Red Deer Meat

red deer meat

Red deer can be stewed with vegetables in pots or baked in the oven as an independent dish. It is good to add carrots, herbs, and apples to the stew. It is recommended to soak the meat in the marinade before roasting. 

9. Redcurrant


Red currant berries contain significant amounts of organic acids and sugars, the combination of which provides a pleasant, refreshing taste. Red currant is rich in vitamins A, C, E, contains iron, potassium, succinic and malic acid, pectin, and nitrogenous substances, and the mineral selenium.

10. Red Creamer Potatoes

Oven-baked potatoes with cream and cheese are a very simple dish. It can be a side dish for meat, chicken, or fish, or it can be served as an independent dish. It is one of the less common foods that start with R.

11. Red Cabbage

red cabbage

This beautiful vegetable, marbled with white and purple, very rich in vitamins, likes sweet and savory mixtures: the company of apples or grapes enchants it and it goes wonderfully with white meats.

12. Rocha Pear

rocha pear

There are many varieties and types of pears. Their flesh is somewhat looser than that of apples and, unlike many fruits, can ripen after harvest. Pears tend to have a shape that tapers upward and widens downward. Rocha is a pear from Portugal. It is somewhat hard, but juicy and sweet.

13. Ravioli

Ravioli Cuisine Food

Ravioli is a kind of pasta, small Italian dumplings. Ravioli are prepared from unleavened dough in the form of a crescent, ellipse, or square with a curly cut edge. The filling can be very different like meat, fish, poultry, vegetables ( tomato, pumpkin, artichoke, potatoes ), herbs ( spinach, lettuce, nettle), mushrooms, chestnuts, and even fruits. 

14. Radish


Radish is a very popular vegetable that is cultivated in many countries around the world. This is one of the plants that have been grown on the International Space Station to study the genetic characteristics of vegetables obtained in zero gravity. And on Earth in spring and summer, a large amount of this seasonal vegetable appears on the shelves, from which many different dishes can be prepared.

15. Raspberry


Raspberry fruit is a complex drupe with a delicate aroma, usually red in color, but there are varieties of yellow and even black colors. The raspberry fruit tastes very sweet. There is little vitamin C in raspberries, but a lot of iron. Raspberries are eaten fresh or made into jams, marshmallows, compotes, juices, etc. 

16. Rapini


There is one product in Mediterranean cuisine that is little known in our country. This is rapini – Italian, or leafy broccoli.

Rapini will be a real discovery for vegetarians, adherents of healthy eating, and people for whom caring for a slim figure is not an empty phrase. Reminiscent of mustard, but has a nutty flavor. It goes well with sweet, savory, and spicy dishes.

17. Rambai

Rambai Fruit Information and Facts

Fruits are oval, up to 5 cm long, growing in clusters. The skin of the fruit is thin, yellow-brown or light orange, velvety, wrinkles when ripe. The pulp is white, sweet, and sour, divided into 3 – 5 segments, which are easily separated. Each segment contains long, brown seeds. Rambai berry is eaten raw. In addition, the fruits of this exotic plant are stewed, canned, used for making juices and various dishes.

18. Raita


Raita is an Indian yogurt and fresh vegetable-based snack. Usually, it is served as a light side dish for fatty meat, which “relieves” the stomach and helps to digest a hearty meal. But raita can also be eaten as an independent dish, for example, for breakfast.

19. Raisins


The fact that dried fruits are a very useful product for humans has long been proven. Raisins are just one of the most favorite delicacies among dried fruits for both adults and children. It is not for nothing that it occupies such a leading position, because it has a large number of useful properties and has a lot of advantages. Raisins perfectly replace sweets, have a wide range of applications in cooking and traditional medicine, and also have a positive strengthening effect on the human body.

20. Rainbow Trout

rainbow trout

The taste of rainbow trout is closer to salmon than to river fish. It is good in lightly salted dishes where it is baked with vegetables and spices. It has a less bright taste than salmon, but it contains notes of river fish.

Freshly caught rainbow trout has the best taste and makes delicious dishes. Mykizhu can be eaten raw, so they try to cook it quickly, it is allowed to leave the pulp slightly damp.

21. Radicchio 


Radicchio or chicory salad. It is grown in the dark by distillation from root crops. Its taste is bitter because it contains two substances such as inulin and intibin. Inulin is used as a sugar substitute in diabetes mellitus and has a regulatory effect on metabolism. Intibin improves the functioning of the digestive system, affects the functioning of the liver, pancreas, cardiovascular system.

It is eaten both raw and cooked.

22. Rabbit Meat

rabbit meat

Rabbit meat is highly prized for its interesting taste and high protein content. Rabbits of meat breeds are considered especially valuable. There are several ways to cook rabbits, however frying and braising are preferred.

23. Red Bananas

red banana

Have you heard of red bananas? This is not some kind of complex hybrid, but a completely natural fruit from Jamaica and Costa Rica. In the photo, it differs from the usual yellow only in the color of the peel and slightly in shape. The unusual color of bananas is due to their high beta-carotene content. Also in the composition, there is a large number of various mineral salts (iron, potassium), fiber, vitamins A and C.

24. Red Mulberry

red mulberry

The fruits of the red mulberry have the appearance of polydrupes, which are attached to the branches with sufficiently long legs. The length of each seed reaches two or three centimeters, and outwardly such berries resemble blackberries. As for the color of the fruit, it can vary from dark red to almost black. Fruits are very juicy and boast an excellent sweet and sour or slightly sweet taste.

25. Rockmelon


Rockmelon is just the other name for Cantaloupes. They have a round shape, are small in size, weigh 1.5 kg. The peel of the fruit is light green, rough, covered with a beige mesh. The fruits are distinguished by thin greenish stripes that run along the entire length of the melon. The flesh of the fruit is light orange in color. The fruit is highly prized for its extraordinary piquant taste – sweet, with vanilla and musky flavor.


I was on a vegetable diet a few years ago and I wish I knew about these healthy and tasty foods at that time. So that’s it about the foods that start with R. I Hope you enjoyed the list and learned a little something from it. A lot of similar lists are updated on our website, you shouldn’t miss them out.

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