Foods that Start with U

Making a list of foods that start with U could be difficult if you are not pre-read about the same. How many foods with the letter U can you name without googling? I forgot that is why you are here. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Foods that start with U

So, let’s look at the characteristics of all the healthy foods that start with U.

1. Udon


A popular Japanese dish is udon noodles with chicken in teriyaki sauce. Udon can range in color from white to off-white. The consistency is soft and elastic. Mostly served as noodles in broth or soup. Udon is eaten both hot and cold in hot weather. The traditional flavors of these noodles are scallions, tempura, shrimp, tofu, fish sticks, rice wine, and soy sauce. 

2. Ugali


Ugali is the staple food of the Kalenjin African ethnic group. It is a tightly cooked porridge or purees based on cornflour. It is the richest source of energy. Ugali is eaten by hand, they form a small ball and make a depression in it to make something like an edible spoon. You can then fill the well with stew, meat, or sauce.

3. Ube


The trend of consuming colorful foods and drinks – such as matcha green tea and rainbow-clad bagels – is gaining momentum and it was only a matter of time for purple yam treats to take over. In the Tagalog language, it is called ube and is a purple-colored sweet potato. If its outer skin appears grayish, inside its complexion tends surprisingly to purple.

This type of purplish tuber is common in many Asian countries, but it is especially common in Filipino cuisine, where it is used to make doughs, cakes, and ice cream.

4. Ukrainian Cabbage Rolls

Stuffed cabbage rolls with tomato sauce on white plate | Flickr

I tried this recipe for stuffed cabbage and just fell in love, quickly and tasty. The only drawback is that the family eats them quickly, and you have to cook again. Now I began to buy and use sauerkraut for stuffed cabbage. It turns out faster since cabbage rolls do not need to be pre-fried and they turn out amazing, with sourness, wow! I remember, and I want to cook them again and again!

5. Umbricelli Pasta

Umbricelli is a rough, rolled or hand-cut pasta made with flour, water, and salt. The pasta does not contain eggs and is shaped like earthworms.

6. Unagi


Unagi sauce is considered a traditional Japanese condiment. Originally, it was served with a smoked or fried eel to add a subtle gourmet zest to taste, mask fish odors and increase the shelf life of the dish. Later, the sauce was widely used in cooking. Unagi sauce is a dark, viscous liquid with a sweet-salty flavor with a specifically sweet-spicy aroma.

7. Ukha

Ukha is a traditional hot Russian fish dish that has no analogs in other national cuisines. Ukha differs from other fish soups in the way it is prepared and in the range of products. For example, grits, flour, fried onions, and butter.

8. Unleavened Bread

It is also a common snack among the foods that start with U. It is the type of bread that does not include yeast in its making. They could be flat or thick but make a healthy snack either way.

9. Urad Dal

 Urad Dal

According to Indian terminology, that peas, beans, lentils, mixed in various proportions and cooked in various ways, will still be called a single culinary term “dal”. Soup dal, sauce dal, porridge dal. Only with different attachments. For example, moong dal, urad dal, channa dal, tur dal. Urad dal is one of India’s most famous legumes.

10. Ugli Fruit


If this fruit was a person, they’d be bullied all the time. Who chooses such a name for a fruit? It is a hybrid of tangerine Dancy and grapefruit Duncan. The fruits are elongated, with a pronounced neck, there are relatively few seeds. The peel is bright orange, when fully ripe, it is red-orange, of medium thickness, smooth, not tightly attached to the pulp. The pulp is orange, tender, juicy, aromatic, sweet with a slight sourness, melts in the mouth. 

11. Uva Rara Grape

uva rara grape

Uva rara is a rare grape variety in Italy used to make wines. They are a medium-large grape, spheroidal or slightly flattened in shape, medium-pruinose, dark blue skin. They have a pleasant particular taste.

12. Uunijuusto

A delicious Finnish dessert that is prepared almost by itself. Combining ingredients and cooking a velvety dessert is ready to be served with jam. Mix the milk powder with water. Beat eggs and salt. Combine ingredients and whisk until smooth. Pour into a lubricated 1.5-liter oven dish and bake.

13. Umbu

umbu fruit

The other name for this is Brazil Fruit. Fruits are round, 2-4 cm in diameter, weighing from 8 to 23 g, covered with a thin leathery shell of yellow or red color. The pulp is tender, sweet, sometimes with a slight sourness. The stone is large. The vitamin and mineral composition of this fruit cannot be called very diverse. But the benefits to the body are quite large. It is achieved due to the high concentration of nutrients.

14. Uvalino Grape

uvalino grapes

It is a rare red grape variety. The variety is rustic, rich in extracts, colors, and tannins. it has a typical aroma which is a combination of berries, fruits, and sweet spices.


Well, I wasn’t able to name one before writing this blog but now I can name a bunch of foods that start with U so that’s a win. You can tell us the names of the foods that begin with alphabet U in the comments and we will add them to the list. See you in another list of foods that start with V.

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