Foods that Start with W

You won’t be googling the foods that start with W unless somebody asks you about it or you desperately want to cook something new. You might want to be a vegetarian who is looking for yummy and healthy dishes or a non-vegetarian tryna bless your taste buds. Well, don’t worry! you are in the right place. Either way, we’ve got your back.

Foods that start with W

Read this blog till the end to get familiar with all the foods that start with W.

1. Wasabi

 Wasabi Root

Wasabi is used as a seasoning that has a pungent flavor, a bit like horseradish. The powder is diluted with water and stirred to a homogeneous consistency of a viscous paste. It is added to dishes in small quantities, placing it on the same plate as the main course.

The sauce has a positive effect on the condition of the teeth, improves blood circulation, and prevents the formation of vascular blood clots.

2. White coconut chutney

white coconut chutney

White Coconut Chutney is an Indian cuisine sauce, the main ingredient of which is fresh coconut, dehydrated. Coconut flakes can also be used for their preparation. The taste can be sweet, sour, spicy, or pungent.

3. Wheat Laddus

wheat laddus

 Indian sweets made from chickpea flour, fried in a pan with ghee with the addition of coconut, nuts, and spices. Spicy Laddu balls made from chickpea flour are incredibly tasty and very similar to delicate shortbread cookies that disintegrate in the mouth from a light bite with a bright nutty taste and aroma.

4. White Chocolate

White Chocolate Dessert

White chocolate differs from traditional dark chocolate in that cocoa powder is not used at all in its production. This is precisely the answer to the question of why white chocolate is white (or, more precisely, ivory with a slight yellowish tint). It is this shade that high-quality white chocolate should have, without extraneous inclusions and impurities.

5. White Chocolate Nut Cookie

White Chocolate Nut Cookies

New Year’s pastries are always unusual and delicious. I propose to bake these interesting shortbread cookies with the addition of walnuts. Topping for products can be made from ground nuts, cocoa powder, and powdered sugar. And for the filling, you need a white chocolate bar.

6. Walnuts


Walnuts are edible fruit kernels, obtained from the tree belonging to the family Juglandaceae, in the genus, Juglan. These nuts have always been a symbol of the intellect, as they resemble the shape of the human brain! The nuts contain many important nutrients, especially omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for optimum health.

7. Williams Pear

williams pear

Fruit from medium to large size with an average weight of 170 g, with a slightly bumpy surface. The peel is fragrant, thin, shiny, light green by the time the fruit is picked, and when ripe it is waxy yellow with small gray dots. The pulp is yellowish-white, tender, melting, juicy, wine-sweet with a peculiar nutmeg aroma, excellent dessert taste.

8. Wolfberries


They are commonly known as Goji Berries. Fruits are ovoid red berries, 8-15 mm long. Interestingly, touching the berries causes an oxidative reaction and darkening of the skin. Therefore, the berries are harvested, shaking them off on spreadsheets, and then dried in the shade. Astringent taste with a very long aftertaste.

9. Water Chestnut

water chestnut

In Southeast Asia, the plant is cultivated for its edible corms. It usually grows in swampy areas, and the edible tuber is underwater, in silt. It has tube-shaped leafless green stems, reaching a height of 1.5 m. Water chestnuts are an excellent source of antioxidants. They help the immune system fight free radicals, which can accumulate and lead to oxidative stress. 

10. White Mulberry

white mulberry

The white mulberry plant is found in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, in many countries of Central Asia. There are over 150 species, but only 16 are common. The drupes of white mulberry have a diameter of about 2-3.5 centimeters, the pulp is very juicy and sweet. People make delicious wine out of white mulberries.

11. Water Apple

water apple

The water apple is the fruit of the tropical tree of the same name. The external appearance is characterized by small size (up to 3 cm in diameter), pear-shaped and hard, smooth skin, which, depending on the variety, can be colored red or light shades of pink. For culinary purposes, crispy flesh with a sweet taste and pleasant aroma is used.

12. Wax Gourd

wax gourd

These fruits are round and oblong in shape. Their weight can reach 10 kg. Unripe fruits with a sticky waxy bloom and stiff bristles (very cute in appearance), ripe – smooth, with a thickened layer of waxy substance and white bloom, which allow the pumpkin to be stored for a long time without losing its useful properties.

13. Watermelon


Everybody knows what a watermelon looks like and tastes like. But not many of you know the amazing nutrients it is filled with. Watermelon consists mainly of water (91%) and carbohydrates (7.6%). Its protein and fat content is almost zero and has very few calories.

14. Witlof


The vegetable is used for making salads, it is boiled, baked, stewed, fried. People with hypertension can use witloof to make delicious and healthy coffee. To do this, the roots are cut into circles, dried, and then used to prepare a fragrant drink.

15. Wakame

 Wakame Salad

Wakame seaweed is a group of seaweed that is commonly consumed in Japanese cuisine. It is a nutritious and healthy addition to any meal. In Japan, wakame is often added to soups and salads and is also cooked as a side dish, like tofu. It tastes salty with a sweetish aftertaste that goes well with other dishes. 

16. White Currants

white currant

White currants are considered a berry of health and youth.  Its leaves are used in herbal teas, and wines, tinctures, preserves, and jams are prepared from the fruits.  The undoubted benefits of white currant are due to the richness of vitamin C, pectins, and fibers.

17. Watermelon Cake

Watermelon cake is light and refreshing, graceful and unusual. This is just the perfect dessert for your summer holiday! It will decorate the table wonderfully, is sweet and light in taste, and easy to prepare.

18. Waldorf Salad

 Waldorf Salad

The original recipe for this salad consisted of only sliced ​​apples, celery, and mayonnaise. Chopped walnuts were added later. Some people prefer to season the salad with yogurt rather than mayonnaise. Try it and decide for yourself.

19. Walnut Coffee Cake

Walnut cake

A wonderful coffee cake with a walnut. Unexpectedly tastes like honey cake. It will decorate both boring everyday life and a festive table. The cake is not only very tasty but due to the number of walnuts, it can be called useful.

20. Waffles


Until I had a waffle iron at home, the only waffles for me were the classic store-bought crunchy dessert. Now I am an expert on waffles and I go around telling people what they are, how they differ and which recipe is more ideal than others. I like my waffles crunchy and I advise you not to lay them on top of each other after baking, as they can become damp and soft. 

21. Wild Custard Apple

wild custard apple

The fruit looks like a huge bump, about 10 cm in diameter. Under the tough, always green peel, a fragrant tender pulp with several seeds is there to bless our tongues. The sugar apple has a delicate aroma and custard flavor. 

22. White Sapote

white sapote

The white sapote is known worldwide as the Mexican apple. The fruits of the tree have been known since the time of the Aztecs, and among these people, it was used as a remedy for insomnia.

The white sapote is shaped like an orange. The fruits can reach a diameter of 12 centimeters, the skin is green or yellow. A distinctive feature is its white pulp (less often green). The taste resembles a banana or peach cream.


That’s all the foods that start with W. I hope you enjoyed it. Also, tell us in the comment section if you think we’ve missed anything and we will update it in our list. I didn’t think that there’d be more than 5 foods that start with W but we made it to 22 and that’s kind of a big deal. Thank God they didn’t do it injustice with this alphabet. 

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