10 Fruits that start with F

We are here with another list of all the rare and amazing fruits that start with F. We do our best to compile our knowledge and give you the best results so you could add them on your bucket list of delicious delicacies. If you are the one who is eager to know about more fruits then our website is specially for you. There aren’t many fruits that start with F but you can stop your research because we have included them all.

  • Fig
  • Feijoa
  • Finger lime
  • Fuji Apple
  • Forest Strawberries
  • Fox Grapes
  • Five flavor Berry
  • Florida Cherry
  • False Mastic Fruit
  • Fibrous Satinash

Fruits that start with F

We know you can name a couple of fruits that start with the alphabet F but what comes after that? So, let’s not keep you waiting any further and start our discussion on the fruits that start with F.

1. Fig

The fruits of figs are recommended for people to use for the prevention of various diseases, because these berries are just a storehouse of useful vitamins and minerals that prevent the development of cancer. The colour of the fig depends on the variety and can range from dark purple to yellow. Fig fruits are used in cooking both dried and fresh. The berry is used in desserts, jams, baked goods and puddings.

 Fruit Fig

Fig is a truly amazing fruit in its composition. Contains a large amount of B vitamins. In particular, vitamin B6, which is involved in the formation of serotonin – the “hormone of happiness”. And also figs surpass bananas in potassium content, and apples in iron content.

Health Benefits of Fig

1. Reduce the risk of heart diseases
2. Restore psychological and physical condition after intense exertion
3. Cures digestive disorders
4. Boosts immunity

2. Feijoa

Feijoa is native to Central and South America. The taste of ripe fruit is indescribably sweet and sour, like a mixture of apples, pineapples and bananas. Especially in the centre of the flesh, the difference in texture, which can be said to be a mismatch between the jelly-like part that looks like a slightly softened gummy and the part that contains a lot of stone cells around it, creates an exquisite combination. Fruits vary in shape depending on the variety, such as oval, long oval, and oblong. 

feijoa fruit

3. Finger Lime

The exotic fruits of the finger lime are filled with numerous rounded vacuoles, the diameter of which is 4-5 mm, they resemble fish eggs. The internal content of the fruit is a sour juice. The shape of an oblong oval in the form of a finger, tapering towards the apex. Weight – 150 g, length – 8-10 cm. The peel is thin, the surface is small. When the lime of the finger peel ripens, bubbles filled with juice appear on the surface.

Finger Limes

Health Benefits of Finger Lime

1. contribute to the normalisation of haemoglobin
2. enhance the defence response to viral and bacterial infections
3. control the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.
4. strengthens the nervous system

4. Fuji Apple

Apple is highly nutritious, as it contains many fibre, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals beneficial to the human body. Consumption of apples delays the deterioration of diseases and provides anti-ageing, anxiolytic, sedative and antipyretic protection. Fuji apples have a characteristic pink / red colour and their flesh is very hard, while their juice is sweet.

fuji apple

5. Forest Strawberries

Forest Strawberries are also called ‘ wild strawberries’ and they are very beneficial due to the highest content of vitamin C. 100 grams of this fruit is enough for our body to get 100% of the required daily dose of ascorbic acid . But that’s not all. Strawberries can help with diarrhoea and other minor stomach ailments. Moreover, instead of being smaller in size than normal strawberries, forest strawberries also have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system and have a low glycemic index. 

forest strawberries, wild strawberries

6. Fox Grapes

Fox grapes is a grape species belonging to the genus Vitis in the flowering plant family Vitaceae. It has “slip-skin” which allows the peel of the grape berries to slide off easily when squeezed, rather than crumbling the flesh, and the presence of a uterus on each cane node. That is why they are also called ‘Slipskin Grapes’.

fox grapes

7. Five Flavor Berry

The berries are also known as ‘Lemon Grass berries’. This name really more than truly reflects the essence of the taste of lemongrass berries. If you put the berry in your mouth and chew, you can almost simultaneously feel the sweetness emanating from the peel, the acidity of the pulp, the bitterness from the seeds and the general salty-fresh taste. At the present time, lemongrass in natural nature occupies very large areas in China, Japan, North and South Korea.

five flavor berry

8. Florida Cherry

 Florida cherry is also known as’ Suriname Cherry’ . Each berry consists of 10 parts. Fruits range in color from orange-yellow to dark burgundy. The pulp is juicy, sweet-sour taste with a slight bitterness, covered with a delicate skin. There are several seeds inside each berry – they are inedible.

florida cherry

9. False Mastic Fruits

False mastic fruits are the number 9 in the list of fruits that start with F and they are also called as ‘Yellow Mastic Fruits’ and it is mainly because of their colour. They are yellowish and orange-ish in colour with a sticky and gummy pulp with a large seed inside it. The fruit is also foul smelling so not many people eat it raw. Their scientific name is Sideroxylon foetidissimum.

False Mastic - Sideroxylon foetidissimum

10. Fibrous Satinash

Fibrous Satinash has a bunch of names like Small red apple, apricot satinash, bamaga, etc. But its scientific name is Syzygium fibrosum. It has a pink or a red color and has one seed inside it. They are about 2 cm wide, globular structured fruits.

Syzygium fibrosum , small apple satinash


So, that is all about the fruits that start with F. In another article, we will be detailing all the fruits that start G. Similarly, our website is full of beneficial information about fruits and vegetable realm. You can explore a few articles and learn a lot of new things. Until then, stay safe, good bye.

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