14 Fruits that start with G

The fruits have amazing properties and miraculous looks. We always provide the information of the most surprising one of them with detailed characteristics. We take one alphabet at a time because talking about all the fruits at one time will be too chaotic. In this article, we will be exploring more about the fruits that start with G.

It might feel like there are not more than a couple of fruits that start with G but it is just not true. We came up with a bunch of them and we are going to tell you about their properties below. If you want to add something to the list that we have forgotten to mention, you can add it in the comments.

  • Grapes
  • Guava
  • Gac fruit
  • Grapefruit
  • Galia Melon
  • Genip
  • Granadilla
  • Greengage Plum
  • Grumichama Fruit
  • Guanabana 
  • Guarana
  • Guavaberry
  • Gooseberry
  • Gambooge fruit

Fruits that start with G

1. Grapes

Of course, we are going to talk about grapes first because that is what comes to mind when thinking about fruits that start with G. There are more than eight thousand grape varieties in the world, and each has its own admirers. It is eaten fresh, used in jams and desserts, dried, turning into raisins, and, of course, made into wine.

Grapes Isolated Fruit - Free photo on Pixabay
Health Benefit of Grapes

1. Keeps the nervous system in check
2. Lowers cholesterol levels
3. Strengthen bones
4. Reduce free radical damage

2. Guava

Yep, not missing it either. Guava resembles small balls, the average diameter of which varies in the region of 10-15 cm. They are covered with wrinkled peel, which outwardly may seem rather dense. A huge number of small bones are located inside the pulp.

*Fun Fact*- Trying to count their number, botanists came to the conclusion that one fruit can contain from 100 to 535 grains.

Guava Green fruit

Depending on the guava variety, the color of its peel can change, varying from soft green to deep raspberry. The pulp of ripe fruits is found both in white tones and in all shades of red.

Health Benefits of Guava

1. it is an excellent immuno-stimulating agent.
2. improves the cardiovascular system and normalizes blood pressure.
3. fights constipation and improves digestion.
4. Fights against stress and strain

3. Gac Fruit

Its homeland is in Southeast Asia. It grows in the warmer parts of the continent, its birthplace is considered to be Vietnam. This exotic and almost completely unknown to Europeans fruit is as small as a melon, and the ripe fruit is colored in dark orange. The inside is oily bags in dark red, which have a slightly sweet taste. They liken it to something between a cucumber and a melon with a slightly astringent carrot flavor. Its seeds can be likened to walnuts in taste.

Fresh Gac Fruit, Momordica Cochinchinensis

Health Benefits of Gac

1. protect the body from oxidative stress
2. protects against cancer and heart disease
3. Prevents muscle degeneration

4. Grapefruit

In terms of appearance, when ripe, Grapefruit has a yellow color, while its size is larger than that of orange. Its flesh has a yellow-pink or red color depending on the variety, it is soft and sweet and sour. The peel is smooth and the taste is intensely bitter.


Health Benefits of Grapefruit

1. stimulate the immune system
2. It can help prevent diabetes
3. It can help prevent the accumulation of fat in the arteries
4. Gives strong bones 

5. Galia Melon

Fruits are large, rounded with white-green flesh and orange-yellow peel. The fruits are used in cooking for the preparation of exquisite dishes, as well as for jam and preserves. A large amount of sugars in the Galia melon makes it possible to make candied fruits from it, which are an integral part of many desserts.

galia melon

6. Genip Fruit

The fruit of the genip is oval in shape, reaching a length of 9-16 cm and a width of 7-9 cm. The peel of the fruit is thin, gray-green, with a mealy bloom. The pulp is whitish; when cut, it reacts with air and begins to actively turn yellow. The central cavity contains up to 300 coated seeds. Seeds, yellow or brown, 1 – 1.25 cm long. The consistency of the genipa pulp is similar to the consistency of marmalade, for which the British nicknamed this fruit ” marmalade box “. The fruit tastes like dried apples or quince.

ganip fruit

7. Granadilla Fruit

The Granadilla fruit is a popular exotic fruit from the Passionaceae family. It is related to passion fruit and has an external resemblance to it. Granadilla fruits have an ovoid shape when ripe fruits reach a diameter of 8-12 cm. The average weight of fruits is 100-110 g. The peel of the fruit is thin and smooth to the touch, but quite firm. The skin color can range from yellow to orange or red. Ripe fruits have small black spots on the skin. Granadilla pulp is edible – it has an almost transparent jelly-like texture with black soft seeds inside.


8. Greengage Plum

Traditionally, ripe plums are used for pies ( being sweet in taste), decorating cakes, preserves, jam, as well as preparing a number of savory dishes (sauces, side dishes for meat and poultry, pickles, and pickled preparations). They are oval in shape and have a hard and smooth surface.

greengage plum fruit

9. Grumichama Fruit

Grumichana (Brazilian cherry) is a small (up to 2 cm in diameter) berry obtained from the tropical tree of the same name, intensively grown in South and Central America, as well as in the southern states of the United States. The external appearance is also characterized by a flattened shape and a thin smooth skin, which, when ripe, turns into a dark purple, almost black color. For culinary purposes, the white or red flesh contained inside with an intense sweet and sour taste and pleasant aroma reminiscent of ordinary cherries is used, which explains the second name of this fruit.


10. Guanabana 

Guanabana fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins, have a sweet and sour taste, and have a bright fruit and berry aroma. The pulp is used to prepare desserts, cocktails, wine, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. The fruit is useful for inflammatory processes of any localization, as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also due to the abundance of antioxidants found in the pulp.

Guanabana Fruit Green

11. Guarana

The guarana fruit is usually yellow in color with a bright red top and contains one or two smooth oval seeds about the size of a grape. Guarana is used for the production of pharmaceuticals and food supplements. All kinds of energy drinks are made on the basis of guarana, which perfectly quenches thirst and gives a huge boost of energy.

guarana fruit

12. Guavaberry

This is a fruit plant from Brazil with medium-sized berries, and an amazing aroma, for which they are nicknamed Rum berry. Fruits are spherical or slightly elongated, up to 1.5 cm in diameter, with shiny skin that can be from red-ish purple to almost black. They are consumed fresh, and also used for the preparation of soft and alcoholic beverages, jams, and jellies.


13. Gooseberry

Gooseberries came to us from Western Europe and North Africa. Gooseberries contain vitamins C, B1, PP, provitamin A, a lot of pectins, fiber, tannins, micro-and macroelements (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and iron salts). There is more iron in gooseberries than in apples. Fresh gooseberries are good for overweight people. For lovers of “dieting” gooseberries can become one of the delicious foods for fasting days.

Gooseberry Fruit

14. Gambooge fruit

Gambooge is a fruit that belongs to the large family of citrus fruits. It originates from South Asia. The gambooge fruit although citrusy looks more like a berry or pumpkin in appearance and is the size of an orange. It is surrounded on the outside by a rind, which is used to produce hydroxy citric acid (HCA) after it is dried.

gambooge fruit


This was all about the fruits that start with G. You might feel bad for not knowing about them before but don’t. The majority of people still don’t know. We are ending our article now but we will come up on the search results when you’ll search about fruits that start with other letters as well. *wink wink*

We keep updating our list so you can tell in the comment section if you know about any rare fruit that starts with alphabet G.

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