Fruits that start with I

How picturesque and delicious fruits are many times patented by Mother Nature! In this article, we will talk about all the wonderful fruits that start with I. Also, we will discuss in brief the places where they grow and what nutritional value they have. Fascinated by some strange fruit that starts with the alphabet I? Then let’s know as much about them as possible because we guarantee that you’ll find it in this list.

  • Indian Mango
  • Indian Almond
  • Indian Gooseberry
  • Indian Sherbet Berry
  • Indian Jujube
  • Indian Fig Fruit
  • Illama
  • Illawarra
  • Icaco
  • Ichigo
  • Ice cream bean fruit
  • Imbe
  • Indian Primmson

Fruits that start with I

Now you are going to find out the amazing components the above-mentioned fruits are encapsulated of. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Indiana Mango

Indians have been cultivating mangoes for more than 5 thousand years. On the Indian subcontinent, this fruit is sung as a symbol of love. Poets endow Indian beauties with similarities to his velvety skin and exquisite forms.

indiana mango

Indiana Mango has incredibly tender, juicy, and sweet flesh. The rich mineral and vitamin complex of mango makes the fruit incredibly popular.

Health Benefits of Indiana Mango

1. Cleanse the toxins of the body
2. Removes bad cholesterol
3. Boosts immunity
4. Cures anemia due to its high iron content

2. Indian Gooseberry

Amla, Amalaki, Emblica, Nepalese or Indian gooseberries – this plant has many names and useful properties. The green round fruits of a low tree, which “chose” for life in the warm and humid climate of India, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Nepal, have long been used for food, as a medicine, and for cosmetic purposes.

Amla India Amalika Indian Gooseberry Fruit

And in terms of the content of amino acids and minerals, Indian gooseberries surpass even apples. In addition, it contains vitamin A, a complex of B vitamins, iron, phosphorus, copper, calcium, carotene, polyphenols, acids, and many other substances necessary for maintaining health and beauty.

Health Benefits of Indian gooseberry

1.  cleanses the skin not only of imperfections but also of excess pigmentation.
2. reduction of wrinkles, refreshing and toning of the skin.
3. provides lush, long, healthy-looking hair

3. Indian Almond

The fruit is flattened, oval, or ovoid, 5-7 cm long, and 3-5 cm wide. At first, it is green, then when ripe it becomes yellow, red, or pink. When fully ripe and fall off, the dirty brown or dark brown color sometimes, without an upper fibrous layer.

The upper layer of the fruit is fibrous, underneath is a spongy structure, sour in taste, similar to pumice, but softer and slightly impregnated with a sticky composition. This structure is poured over a hard bone, with a woody shell. Inside the stone is an almond seed 1.5-2 cm.

Indian almond

4. Indian Sherbet Berry

 Indian Sherbet Berry is the fruit of the tropical tree of the name ‘Phalsa’. The berries are also called ‘Phalsa’. Outwardly, it is a fairly large round berry with smooth thin skin, which, when ripe, turns into dark shades of blue. The dark red fibrous pulp contained inside with a sweet and sour taste and pleasant aroma is used for culinary purpose.

Falsa Fruit facts and health benefits

The highest content of vitamins and minerals is found in unripe falsa fruits. Due to this, they are widely used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. They are used as anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, astringent, and sedative.

5. Indian Jujube fruit

The list of fruits that start with I could’ve been smaller but thanks to India, we have so much variety. This small round sweet fruit is also called “Thai apple”. They could be eaten fresh or dried and squeezed (and they are kind of spongy) out of juice or made into alcoholic beverages or chutneys. These fruits are rich in vitamin C.

Indian Jujube

6. Indian Fig Fruit

They are called Prickly pear because they are prickly. Do you see the dark spots? It is better not to touch them with your hands, otherwise, you will spend the next hour pulling the microneedles out of your fingers. When cleaning them, a special delicacy is required. I cut this fico lengthwise without touching the dark points. Divide each half into three slices and carefully peel off the bottom. The fruit itself, although full of edible seeds, has a mildly sweet fresh taste unlike anything else.

indian fig fruit

From the fruits of Indian prickly pears, people make candy, pickles, mostarda, deep-fried peel. Cactus leaves, if they can be called leaves, are cooked like vegetables in a skillet with oil.

7. Ilama Fruit

The complex fruit of Ilama is heart-shaped or conical in shape, up to 15 cm long, can weigh up to 1 kg, with a thick, hard skin from pale green to dark pink or purple in color, with a gray velvety bloom. The fruit is studded with more or less pronounced triangular thorns, although some fruits on the same tree may be smooth. The inside of the fruit contains white or pink, fibrous – creamy, sweet pulp with 25 – 80 smooth oblong brown seeds.

Ilama Fruit

8. Illawarra plum

The Illawarra plum fruits hang in bunches like grapes, and each of them can reach 3 cm in length. Outside is a small, hard and inedible seed. The Illawarra plum is used in sweet and main dishes, but is most often harvested in the form of canned food and fruit compotes, and is also added to baked goods and sauces. The fleshy part is sweet with a slightly resinous aftertaste.

Illawarra Plum | Powerful antioxidant superfood that may help weight  control | Fruit plants, Plant images, Garden hedges

9. Icaco fruit

Icaco is also called Golden Plum. These are oval fruits, collected in bunches, and are colored light yellow. On the side, which is exposed to the sun, a pink blush is formed. The taste of the fruit is sweet with a slight sourness, in addition, the fruits are bristling with slight astringency. In the center of the pulp, there is a rather large bone, which is very difficult to separate.


10. Ichigo

Ichico are the strawberries that are specifically produced in Japan. They ripen from crimson to red, have a strong aroma, and have a good harmony of sweet and sour taste. Ichico fruits are rich in vitamin C.

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11. Ice cream bean fruit

The original name of the fruit is Inga Edulis. These fruits are cylindrical beans up to 1 meter long, often bent and twisted, with a longitudinally furrowed surface and velvety pubescence. The peel is hard-skinned, inside there are rather large seeds from round to elliptical, surrounded by white juicy-spongy fibrous pulp.

Inga edulis: Guabo 1 | This is the seed pods of the edible I… | Flickr

12. Imbe

The spectacular pinkish-orangeish fruits of the Imbe, famous for their coloring effect, are usually very small – they rarely exceed three centimeters in size. The skin of the fruit is very thin, and the flesh is sweet, juicy, and fibrous. One very large bone is hidden inside each fruit. The taste of Imbe is sweet and sour, very rich and bright. As for the aroma, it is somewhat reminiscent of the aroma of apricots.

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13. Indian Persimmon

The fruit is a round yellowish-green berry with a diameter of 2–5 cm with 6 seeds in the soft pulp. Unripe fruits are high in tannin. When fully ripe, the fruits are round and yellow. They can be somewhat astringent even when ripe. It contains a lot of provitamin A, and some of its varieties contain a lot of vitamin C. 

Indian Persimmon


That’s the whole list of fruits that start with I. You might not have known about most of them and that is because they are rare and some of them are from different countries. But now we have solved that issue for you and you can add in the comments section if you think we’ve missed some fruit.

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