Fruits that start with O

Fruits and berries are very beneficial to health and must be part of a person’s diet. Nowadays it is very popular to make fruit and berry salads, various cocktails and add fruits and berries to desserts. But what if we tell you that you are missing on a majority of fruits because you are not familiar with them. That’s right. That is where we comes in.

Today we are going to discuss about the fruits that start with O. Don’t know what comes after oranges? you are at the right place. Read the article till the end to get familiar with all the fruits that start with the alphabet O.

  • Oranges
  • Olives
  • Okuzgozu Grape
  • Oval Kumquat Fruit
  • Oregon Grape
  • Ozark Beauty Strawberry
  • Oroblanco
  • Ozark Gold Apple
  • Otaheite Gooseberry
  • Opal Plum

Fruits that start with O

Now we will discuss in brief about the beneficial properties of the above above mentioned fruits that start with O.

1. Oranges

Who doesn’t know about oranges? The fruits have an orange peel and aromatic, juicy, sweet and sour pulp. Oranges are eaten fresh, they are used to make jams, marmalade, candied fruits, and they are used to flavor drinks and confectionery products. There are many recipes for cooking meat with oranges. Wines, liqueurs and vodkas are infused on the peel of oranges, and the slices are candied.


Health Benefits of Oranges

1. strengthens the immune system
2. promotes the digestion process
3. improves appetite
4. retains calcium in the body

2. Olives

If you want to try a quality product, then your choice is whole olives. Seedless fruits are best used for salads and appetizers that use rich dressings rather than olive oil. Ripe black olives are duller and less glossy than “colored” olives. They may also have color spots, since natural fruits have every right to do so.

Green and Black Olives

Health Benefits of Olives

1. reduce the risk of developing cancer.
2. increase hemoglobin in the blood
3. help strengthen bone tissue
4.  inhibit the formation of gallstones and stimulate the secretion of bile

3. Okuzgozu Grape

Looks like a Japanese name, doesn’t it? The 3rd fruits we have in the list of fruits that start with O is Okuzgozu. It is a black Turkish grape variety. Translates as “bull’s eye” because of the large black berries. These fruits will be seen as large compact clusters with large fleshy berries with black skin. People in turkey make the wine out of these delicious berries.

Okuzgozu Grape

4. Oval Kumquat Fruit

The length of these oval fruits of a bright orange color is four centimeters, not more, and in cross section – only two! Unlike other citrus fruits, kumquats are not peeled, but eaten whole, because their peel is thin, tender and sweet, but the pulp is sour and not very juicy. However, kumquats are not only good raw. They make excellent candied fruits, jams and preserves, and excellent syrups, and liqueurs are made from kumquats.

oval kumquat

5. Oregon Grape

Oblong, bluish-gray, sweet and sour edible fruits up to 1 cm ripen in early August. Californians traditionally use the bitter potion from the roots of Oregon grapes to increase appetite and for general weakness as a tonic. The berries are very useful, just a storehouse of vitamins and minerals! Delicious jams and preserves are made from them. 

oregon grape

6. Ozark Beauty Strawberry

The Ozark Beauty strawberry is considered one of the best varieties. They are energetic and extremely prolific producers. They produce quite large berries for evergreens, dark red and honeysuckle, great for making canned food. The berries have a  shiny, excellent taste and unique aroma of juicy, sweet and tender pulp.

Ozark Beauty Strawberry

7. Oroblanco

Oroblanco Fruits are flattened, greenish-yellow when ripe, and smooth. The rind is thicker than that of grapefruit, and, contains a lot of bitterness. The pulp is pale yellow, sweet, very juicy, with a low acid content. There are almost no seeds. These fruits are enriched with vitamin C.


8. Ozark Gold Apple

These fruits are large and weigh around 250-300 g. They are oval in shape, pale yellow in color, sometimes with a faint blush on the illuminated site. The pulp has yellow color and an excellent taste, comprising crunchy, fie-grained, moderately juicy, sweet, special citrus flavor and a distant aroma.

ozark gold apple

9. Otaheite Gooseberry

This fruit has many names like Malay gooseberry, Start berry, Antillean gooseberry, etc. These fruits look like flattened light yellow drupes. The fruits have a thin skin. The softness of the Antillean gooseberry fruit is juicy and slightly crunchy. Rich in vitamin C, the fruit is very acidic and aromatic. In order to preserve vitamins, berries should be eaten fresh.

Otaheite Gooseberry

10. Opal Plum

Fruits weighing up to 30 g, round or oval, with a clearly visible abdominal seam. By the time of full ripening it becomes bright purple-red, sometimes with an orange tan, with a bluish (opal) waxy bloom. The skin is thin, difficult to separate. The pulp is dense, fibrous, very juicy. The color of the pulp is golden yellow. The stone is small, elongated, pointed at the ends, separates well, makes up about 5% of the fruit weight. The taste of the fruit is sweet, with a slight sourness and a characteristic plum aroma. 

opal plum


The list of fruits that start with O is not exhaustive but it is enough to blow your brains out for the information you were missing. Similarly, we have curated many lists like this and you can explore them all by visiting our website. Also, if you wish to add something in the list, the comment section is your place. I am leaving but I’ll be back with another bunch of rare information. Till then, take care and stay safe.

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