Fruits that start with R

Does it happen to you as well- when you want to remember a specific word but you just can’t for some reason? and you are solving the crossword puzzle and the last blank is the name of the fruit that you can not recall start with a particular alphabet? Our website has it all! No kidding.

Coming back to the point, in this article, I’ll be telling you about all the fruits that start with R and all the little gift of nutrients they are packed with.

  • Raspberry
  • Raisin
  • Redcurrant
  • Red Mulberry
  • Rajka Apples
  • Rambai
  • Red Bananas
  • Rambutan
  • Rocha Pear
  • Rangpur Lime
  • Rollinia Deliciosa
  • Red Mombin
  • Rockmelon
  • Rosehip

Fruits that start with R

let’s talk more about the fruits.

1. Raspberry

Raspberry fruit is a complex drupe with a delicate aroma, usually red in color, but there are varieties of yellow and even black colors. The raspberry fruit tastes very sweet.There is little vitamin C in raspberries, but a lot of iron. Raspberries are eaten fresh or made into jams, marshmallows, compotes, juices, etc. 


Health Benefits of Raspberry

1. strengthen blood vessels
2. removes bad cholesterol from the body
3. improves function of stomach and intestine

2. Raisins

The fact that dried fruits are a very useful product for humans has long been proven. Raisins are just one of the most favorite delicacies among dried fruits for both adults and children. It is not for nothing that it occupies such a leading position, because it has a large number of useful properties and has a lot of advantages. Raisins perfectly replace sweets, have a wide range of applications in cooking and traditional medicine, and also have a positive strengthening effect on the human body.


Health Benefits of Raisins

1. boosts immunity
2. have a relaxing effect on the nervous system and even improve sleep
3. has a beneficial effect on kidney function and skin condition
4. remove toxic substances from the body

3. Redcurrant

Red currant berries contain significant amounts of organic acids and sugars, the combination of which provides a pleasant, refreshing taste. Red currant is rich in vitamins A , C , E , contains iron , potassium , succinic and malic acid, pectin and nitrogenous substances and the mineral selenium.


Health Benefits of Redcurrant

1. Decreases the risk of cancer
2. reduce blood clotting
3. prevents heart attack
4. keep cholesterol in check

4. Red Mulberry

The fruits of the red mulberry have the appearance of polydrupes, which are attached to the branches with sufficiently long legs. The length of each seed reaches two or three centimeters, and outwardly such berries resemble blackberries. As for the color of the fruit, it can vary from dark red to almost black. Fruits are very juicy and boast an excellent sweet and sour or slightly sweet taste.

red mulberry

5. Rajka Apple

Fruits, although medium in size, but attractive, are juicy, incredibly aromatic, beautiful and tasty. 
 The maximum weight of apples is 170-190 grams, no more. The shape of the fruit is round, rounded-conical or slightly elongated, flattened at the petiole. 

 Rajka apple

6. Rambai

Fruits are oval, up to 5 cm long, growing in clusters. The skin of the fruit is thin, yellow-brown or light orange, velvety, wrinkles when ripe. The pulp is white, sweet and sour, divided into 3 – 5 segments, which are easily separated. Each segment contains long, brown seeds. Rambai berry is eaten raw. In addition, the fruits of this exotic plant are stewed, canned, used for making juices and various dishes.

Rambai Fruit Information and Facts

7. Red Bananas

Have you heard of red bananas ? This is not some kind of complex hybrid, but a completely natural fruit from Jamaica and Costa Rica. In the photo, it differs from the usual yellow only in the color of the peel and slightly in shape. The unusual color of bananas is due to their high beta-carotene content. Also in the composition there is a large amount of various mineral salts (iron, potassium), fiber, vitamins A and C.

red banana

8. Rambutan

Rambutan fruits have a hairy surface, a white, jelly-like core with a crunchy texture under the skin. They are very juicy and have a sweet and sour creamy taste. The aroma of the fruit is sweet, with spicy-woody notes. The peel is easily separated from the pulp, it is enough to carefully cut it with a sharp knife, trying not to damage the fruit itself. 


9. Rocha Pear

There are many varieties and types of pears. Their flesh is somewhat looser than that of apples and, unlike many fruits, can ripen after harvest. Pears tend to have a shape that tapers upward and widens downward. Rocha is a pear from Portugal . It is somewhat hard, but juicy and sweet.

rocha pear

10. Rangpur Lime

Rangpur belongs to the Indian group of tangerine limes. Despite the fruits that look like tangerines, the taste is closer to lime. The fruits are sour, their diameter is about 5 cm, the peel is thin and easily detached. The rind and flesh are dark orange.

rangpur lime

11. Rollinia Deliciosa

The fruit is round, ripening from green to yellow, and the skin is covered with small protuberances that darken to black when the fruit is ripe. The flavor of the fruit is similar to that of lemon meringue pie. Ripe fruits are very soft and crush easily and should not be stored for long periods of time. The fruit is usually eaten fresh, but is sometimes used in Brazil for wine production.

Rollinia deliciosa

12. Red Mombin

Drupes of red mombin are egg-shaped or elliptical. The size of the fruits reaches 4.5 x 3.5 cm, weight 20-30 g. Their smooth, shiny, thin, strong peel at the time of ripening becomes first orange or yellow, and later red or purple. Juicy-mealy, somewhat fibrous, soft pulp of the fruit of a yellow-orange or yellow color up to 8 mm thick with an aromatic sweet and sour taste, often somewhat astringent. 

red mombin

13. Rockmelon

Rockmelon is just the other name for Cantaloupes. They have round shape, small size, weighs 1.5 kg. The peel of the fruit is light green, rough, covered with a beige mesh. The fruits are distinguished by thin greenish stripes that run along the entire length of the melon. The flesh of the fruit is light orange in color. The fruits is highly prized for its extraordinary piquant taste – sweet, with vanilla and musky flavor.


14. Rosehip

Yep, it is a real fruit and the number fourteenth in the list of fruits that start with R. It is not by chance that this incredibly beautiful, fragrant and useful plant is called the wild rose. A close relative of the most beautiful flower on earth – the rose hip also has thorns, but at the same time it is rich in vitamin C and other useful microelements. From the juice of fresh fruits, syrup is usually made, and from the fruits themselves, rosehip extract is made.



There ends the fruits that start with R. Hope you enjoyed it. Go and complete the crossword puzzle. Also, if you think we’ve missed something, tell us in the comments section.

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