16 Fruits that start with S

Strawberry, star fruit, sapodilla……!!?? That’s all the fruits that start with letter S. JUST KIDDING!

Those fruits are so common that we can’t ignore their existence. But what about the rare savories of the world? You might cross a weird-looking fruit someday and leave it there because you think it might not be tasty. So we created this website to tell people about what to eat and what to give bad looks at and leave.

In this article, I am going to list fruits that start with S and what they taste like. So you actually know what to expect from a fruit.

  • Strawberry
  • Star Fruit
  • Sapodilla
  • Star Apple Fruit
  • Sugar Apple
  • Sour Cherries
  • Safou
  • Snake Fruit
  • Santol
  • Seville Orange
  • Shonan Gold
  • Soncoya
  • Splendor Apple
  • Strawberry Guava
  • Sunberry
  • Sweet Granadilla
  • Soursop

Fruits that start with S

Now, one by one, I am going to reveal all the great ecstasies of the fruits listed above.

1. Strawberry

Strawberries are not just delicious but they are also very healthy. It outshines the other fruits in the race of being rich in vitamin C. In the first half of the 16th century, Thomas Wolsey, Cardinal, and Chancellor under King Henry VIII of England, first combined strawberries with cream. It is by far the most famous, classic, and win-win combination that many strawberry desserts and drinks are based on.


Health Benefits of Strawberries

1. Good prevention against cancer
2. Stimulates the Immune system
3. Keeps the gastrointestinal tract in check
4. Regulates normal functioning of the cardiovascular system

2. Star Fruit

Fruits are oval in shape from 5 to 15 cm in length with a diameter of 5-6 cm and a rib depth of about 2 cm. The average weight of the fruit is 70-130 g. Usually, five longitudinal ridges form a “star” structure of cross-sections, but the number of ridges forming rays of stars sometimes can vary from 4 to 8. The pulp of the fruit is juicy, crunchy with a possible taste of apples, cucumbers, plums, grapes, and gooseberries. Each variety has its own flavor, accentuating one or another note or their combination.

star fruit

Health Benefits of Star Fruit

1. Lowers blood pressure
2. Relieves asthma attacks
3.  relieves hangovers more effectively than any pickle
4. Has antibacterial effects

3. Sapodilla

Sapodilla is a real salvation for those with a sweet tooth because its rich taste at the same time resembles ice cream with caramel, toffee, and boiled condensed milk. Finding an Asian exotic fruit on European counters is tricky. At the same time, it is not only tasty but also rich in healthy substances. The size of the fruit resembles a plum, and in appearance – a young potato or kiwi without lint, therefore the fruit is often called “Thai kiwi”.

The color of the peel is brown or light beige, in unripe fruits it is greenish. The pulp can be yellow or slightly pinkish. It is soft and juicy, with small grainy blotches and fibers, like a pear or persimmon.

 Sapodilla Fruit

Health Benefits of Sapodilla

1. Strengthen the immune system
2. normalize the digestive system;
3. fights hypertension, thanks to the content of potassium and magnesium
4. increasing the level of hemoglobin

4. Star Apple Fruit

The fruit of a star apple, up to 10 cm in diameter, has a round or ovoid shape, with a shiny green or violet-brown skin and a juicy white pulp with a sweet taste (calories). The fruit contains up to eight shiny dark brown seeds located in gelatinous seed chambers, which form a characteristic star-shaped pattern on the cross-section of the fruit.

They are eaten fresh and also used to prepare juices and various desserts. The rind, which contains the bitter milky juice, is inedible, so usually, the fruit is cut in half and the pulp is selected with a spoon.

How to Eat Star Apple – FruitStand.com

5. Sugar Apple

The other name of Sugar Apple is Cherimoya. When you cut the fruit, you will smell strawberry and pineapple combined with coconut and banana. The inside of the cherimoya looks very interesting: the white fragrant pulp is eaten, and the middle of the fruit is made up of hard black seeds, a dense core, and fibers.

sugar apple

5. Sour Cherries

Sour cherries act as an anti-inflammatory drug. Regular consumption of cherries will reduce the risk of stroke. And sour cherries act in the same way as any drug from the pharmacy, the action of which is aimed at maintaining the work of the cardiovascular system.

Fruits Sour Cherries Fruit

6. Safou

The fruit, also known as African pears, is dark blue or purple in color up to 14 cm in length, with a light green flesh inside. It has been estimated that these fatty fruits are capable of saving Africa from hunger since 48% of the fruit consists of fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and triglycerides.

Safou Fruit

7. Snake Fruit

There is a fruit in Thailand, one glance at which is enough to bring to mind the memory of … snakes. The fact is that the skin covering its juicy flesh consists of scaly plates, very similar to the skin of a snake. Fruits are oval or pear-shaped, tapering towards the base. Their diameter is about 4 centimeters, and their weight is about 100 grams. “Snake skin” – the brown scaly skin covering the flesh of the fruit – can be easily removed.

Salak | Also known as snake fruit due to the reddish-brown s… | Flickr

8. Santol

Its light yellow or caramel-colored peel is peeled with a knife, leaving the fruit itself on its hard branch. The taste changes – the closer to the bone, the sweeter it is. This “long-lasting” fruit is eaten savoring. But the seeds of this fruit are dangerous. They are densely covered with sweet pulp, but in no case should they be swallowed. The bones have such sharp edges that they can cut through the intestines.


9. Seville Orange

 Seville orange is too tough to eat on its own, but it makes a wonderful marmalade, as well as an excellent component for cocktails. This citrus variety was grown mainly for the flowers that have a strong aroma – they are still used in perfumery today.

seville orange

10. Shonan Gold

Although it looks lemon-colored, it is characterized by its elegant sweetness and refreshing scent. It has a refreshing sensation and sufficient sugar content and has a good taste. You can eat it as it is, or you can apply it to various dishes such as Japanese food, Western food, and sweets by making the best use of its mellow aroma. The aroma is trapped between the skin and the flesh, so if you grate the skin and use it, the dish will stand out even more.

Shonan Gold

11. Soncoya

The fruit is spherical with a diameter of about 15-20 cm. The pericarp is full of tiny protrusions. The fruits are covered with brown felt-like hairs. The fruit is aromatic and the flesh is yellow or orange in color and tastes sweet. Although the fruit is native to tropical America, it is also cultivated in Tropical Asian Countries like the Philippines.


12. Splendor Apple

The tall tree reaches 7 meters. Its strong trunk has a dense rounded crown, in which greenish-yellow apples decorated with a red blush are visible. Fruits weighing 80-100 grams with the juicy sugary pulp of delicate milky color. The sweet taste of the apples has won many awards and is loved by both adults and children.

splendor apples

13. Strawberry Guava

Strawberry Guavas are round 3-6 cm in diameter, with numerous seeds. Fruits with red skin are usually sweeter, with a pronounced strawberry flavor, translucent, and very juicy pulp. Fruits with yellow skin are slightly larger, with yellow pulp, with a lemon aroma. Their taste is softer compared to the common guava. People use them to make juice and jams.

 strawberry guava

14. Sunberry

Sunberry is a beautiful black-colored berry, grows in clusters of 8-10 pieces with the size of a cherry. Sunberries contain many substances similar to those found in blueberries. For example, both have anthocyanins – natural dyes with healing properties. It is believed that the Canadian sunberry also improves vision, has bactericidal and antiseptic properties, and can also be used to treat kidney and bladder diseases and to remove worms.


15. Sweet Granadilla

They are ovoid in shape, resembles a pear or a bulb, have a diameter of 6-7 cm, and a hard, smooth orange colored peel. The pulp of the fruit is jelly-like, very sweet in taste with numerous black seeds that can be eaten.

sweet granadilla

16. Soursop

This fruit is the last in the list of fruits that start with S and it is the rarest fruits of all. The average weight of the fruit is up to a kilogram, however, there are specimens from 2 kg to 7 kg. The diameter of large fruits is up to 25 cm, the height is 30-35 cm. The color of the peel, covered with mild thorns similar to thorns, is rich green in unripe fruits, yellowish and grayish-green in ripe ones. Due to its unusual appearance, many people compare the fruit to fantastic dragon eggs.



Did I cover all the fruits? Because if not, you can tell me in the comment section and I’ll update it in the list. So that’s it about the fruits that start with S that once you eat them, you can not get enough of them. Now you know what you can eat and what will it do to your taste buds. I’ll be coming up with other lists. Till then, Goodbye and Take care.

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