Fruits that start with W

We all love delicious fruits, aromatic berries, and healthy nuts. But we don’t even know about most of the fruits that exist in the world and haven’t yet met our taste buds. We have covered all the fruits that begin with different letters previously and now I am going to tell you about all the fruits that start with W.

  • Watermelon
  • Walnut
  • Water Apple
  • Wax Gourd
  • Western Hackberry
  • White currant
  • White Mulberry
  • White Sapote
  • Wild Custard Apple
  • Wild Lemon
  • Wildbacher Grape
  • Williams Pear
  • Winter Nelis Pear
  • Wolfberries

Fruits that start with W

I will begin with the most common watermelon to the rarest ones and talk about them in brief.

1. Watermelon

Everybody knows what a watermelon looks like and tastes like. But not many of you know the amazing nutrients it is filled with. Watermelon consists mainly of water (91%) and carbohydrates (7.6%). Its protein and fat content is almost zero and has very few calories.

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Health Benefits of watermelon

1. Lowers blood pressure
2. Improve insulin sensivity
3. Heals tired muscle

2. Walnuts

Walnuts are edible fruit kernels, obtained from the tree belonging to the family Juglandaceae, in the genus, Juglan. These nuts have always been a symbol of the intellect, as they resemble the shape of the human brain! The nuts contain many important nutrients, especially omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for optimum health.


Health Benefits of Walnut

1. Reduce blood pressure
2. Reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases
3. protect against cancerous cells

3. Water Apple

The water apple is the fruit of the tropical tree of the same name. The external appearance is characterized by small size (up to 3 cm in diameter), pear-shaped and hard, smooth skin, which, depending on the variety, can be colored red or light shades of pink. For culinary purposes, crispy flesh with a sweet taste and pleasant aroma is used.

water apple

4. Wax Gourd

These fruits are round and oblong in shape. Their weight can reach 10 kg. Unripe fruits with a sticky waxy bloom and stiff bristles (very cute in appearance), ripe – smooth, with a thickened layer of waxy substance and white bloom, which allow the pumpkin to be stored for a long time without losing its useful properties.

wax gourd

5. Western Hackberry

The fruits are fleshy and have an appearance similar to a berry, drupe; they ripen in autumn. Initially whitish, the drupes subsequently become yellow and finally dark-purple. They have a sweet, pleasant taste.

western hackberry

6. White Currants

White currants are considered a berry of health and youth.  Its leaves are used in herbal teas, and wines, tinctures, preserves, and jams are prepared from the fruits.  The undoubted benefits of white currant are due to the richness of vitamin C, pectins, and fibers.

white currant

7. White Mulberry

The white mulberry plant is found in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, in many countries of Central Asia. There are over 150 species, but only 16 are common. The drupes of white mulberry have a diameter of about 2-3.5 centimeters, the pulp is very juicy and sweet. People make delicious wine out of white mulberries.

white mulberry

8. White Sapote

The white sapote is known worldwide as the Mexican apple. The fruits of the tree have been known since the time of the Aztecs, and among these people, it was used as a remedy for insomnia.

The white sapote is shaped like an orange. The fruits can reach a diameter of 12 centimeters, the skin is green or yellow. A distinctive feature is its white pulp (less often green). The taste resembles a banana or peach cream.

white sapote

9. Wild Custard Apple

The fruit looks like a huge bump, about 10 cm in diameter. Under the tough, always green peel, a fragrant tender pulp with several seeds is there to bless our tongues. The sugar apple has a delicate aroma and custard flavor. 

wild custard apple

10. Wild Lemon

Wild lemon fruits are large and round, yellow in color. Their peel is very coarse, warty, about 1 cm thick. The flesh is very juicy, oily, sour, and bitter. The fruit contains a large number of large seeds. Due to a large amount of bitter essential oil, fresh fruits of wild lemon are not consumed.

In cooking, wild lemon is used in the same way as ordinary lemon; prepare candied fruits, jams, marmalade, use for flavoring confectionery and drinks.

wild lemon

11. Wildbacher grape

Wildbacher is an ancient grape variety native to Western Styria, where, with a few exceptions, it is still preserved today. It is used to make a simple onion-colored wine called Schlicher, which has a high acid content.

Wildbacher grape

12. Williams Pear

Fruit from medium to large size with an average weight of 170 g, with a slightly bumpy surface. The peel is fragrant, thin, shiny, light green by the time the fruit is picked, and when ripe it is waxy yellow with small gray dots. The pulp is yellowish-white, tender, melting, juicy, wine-sweet with a peculiar nutmeg aroma, excellent dessert taste.

williams pear

13. Winter Nelis Pear

The Winter Nelis pear is a tall, long-term tree. The average life span is 100 years. Fruiting in October. Fruits are fine-grained, slightly yellowish-green in color with dull reddish-brown skin. The pulp is very firm and juicy. The variety is excellent for both cooking and fresh consumption.

winter nelis pear

14. Wolfberries

The last one in the list of fruits that start with W is Wolfberry.They are commonly known as Goji Berries. Fruits are ovoid red berries, 8-15 mm long. Interestingly, touching the berries causes an oxidative reaction and darkening of the skin. Therefore, the berries are harvested, shaking them off on spreadsheets, and then dried in the shade. Astringent taste with a very long aftertaste.



I didn’t think that there’d be more than 5 fruits that start with W but we made it to 14 and that’s kind of a big deal. Thank God they didn’t do it injustice with this alphabet. Still, if I have missed something you can tell me in the comment section and I’ll check it out. You can explore our website for articles like these.

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