Fruits that start with Z

So we have successfully curated lists of all the fruits that start with Each letter except Z. But I am going to fix that now by covering it in this article. I didn’t know the name of a single fruit that begins with the letter Z before researching for this article. I am sure you guys feel the same. But now I know about absolutely delicious fruits that start with Z and I am going to share the knowledge with y’all.

All the fruits that start with Z are mentioned below:

  • Zwetschge
  • Zhe Fruit
  • Zinfandel Grape
  • Ziziphus Fruit
  • Zalzalak
  • Zarzamora
  • Zabergau Reinette apple

Fruits that start with Z

The names are not enough so now I am going to brief you about the above-mentioned fruits.

1. Zwetschge

The other name of the fruit is Prune Plums. They are competitive fruits with beautiful skin color, harmonious taste, and attractive pulp consistency. Yes, this is the same prune that is stored for a long time and is used not only in compotes but also in baked goods, in meat dishes and salads, giving them aroma and a unique sweet and sour taste.

File:Zwetschge.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

2. Zhe Fruit

It has a few other names like Chinese mulberry, Che fruit, Mandarin Melon Berry, etc. This beautiful baby is way too underappreciated and we gotta fix that, Hon! These berries look slightly different than mulberry as they are compact and more geometrical. They are juicy and sweet and as perfect as any fruit could get. IDK what’s stopping you from including them in your daily lives.

Che Fruit

3. Zinfandel Grape

Zinfandel (or zine as it is called in the United States) is a dark-skinned grape variety very popular in California. You can eat them raw but they are widely used to make delicious wine and other stuff like jams or jellies. The slightly bigger grapes are always found in huge clusters.

Zinfandel Grape

4. Ziziphus Fruit

This small, round, mostly green-colored fruit is also called “Thai apple” or ” Jujube fruit”. They could be eaten fresh or dried, and squeezed out of juice. They have a sour taste and the fruits have a big bone inside.

Jujuber fruit

5. Zalzalak Fruit

The fruits of zalzalak are red, small balls, gathered in small bouquets. The berries have a magnificent aroma. In folk medicine, these fruits are mostly used as heart remedies. They help in improving the work of the coronary arteries and the heart muscle receives more oxygen.

zalzalak berries

6. Zarzamora

Zarzamora is a Spanish word for Blackberries and we all know what blackberries look like. Ripe blackberries are bright black, sometimes with a purple tint. They taste sweet and sour. Blackberries are native to Eurasia and North America. 

*Fun Fact* According to ancient Greek legend, blackberries are frozen drops of blood of titans, wounded in the battle with the gods.


7. Zabergau Reinette apple

When the apple ‘Zabergäu Renette’ starts to bloom in April and the light pink flowers can be seen, you can look forward to the yellow-green fruits. The sour, mild taste of the fruit is simply unmistakable. Theyreaches sizes of up to 8 m and widths of around 6 m. The fruits are good for baking, but they can also be used to make delicious fruit juices.

Zabergäu Renette Apfel


So we made it to 7 fruits that start with Z and that is more than what I thought I’d find. And that is how I completed a list of fruits that start with different alphabets. If your favourite fruit is not on the list you can comment and I’ll update it. I’ll be coming back with the same list about vegetables and it’ll be fun to know how much we didn’t know. Till then, good boy and take care.

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