Vegetables that start with G

Hello there! I am back with another list of delicious veggies. This time I’ll be covering all the vegetables that start with G. And trust me, there are better and healthier delicacies than ginger and garlic. If you are a budding vegetarian, you should check out our website, as it has more to offer you than anyone else.

Read the article till the end to know more about the veggies that start with G.

  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Green Onion
  • Green Beans
  • Garlic Chives
  • Galangal
  • Garbanzo Beans
  • Garden Rocket
  • Good King Henry
  • Grape Leaves
  • Guar

Vegetables that start with G

Did you think that I am just going to name the veggies and begone with it? We assure that the people who visit our website gain a whole lot of knowledge about new things. So now I am going to brief you about all the vegetables that start with G.

1. Ginger

Ginger is considered one of the most ancient spices. The inhabitants of Southeast Asia began to grow it several millennia ago. In ancient Chinese, Indian, and Persian medical treatises, Ginger is mentioned as a tonic, antipyretic, and cleanser.

Ginger is most commonly sold as ripe roots, dried powder, pickled or candied chunks. You can also find ginger oil or root extract commercially. Also, ginger is included in many products – Asian sauces, soda, spice mixtures. To fully reveal the healing effect of the spice, doctors recommend using fresh roots.

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Health Benefits of Ginger

1. Helps with cold
2. Good for digestion
3. Helps to normalize weight
4. Prevents cardiovascular diseases

2. Garlic

In China, garlic was called “dragon’s tooth” because of its appearance and “smelly rose” because of its strong smell.  It was an indispensable product in the diet of the ancient Egyptians, and it was also fed to slaves engaged in hard work to give strength and prevent the occurrence of diseases. During the excavation of the ancient tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, heads of garlic were found. How cool is that?


Health Benefits of Garlic

1. improves the digestibility of food and speeds up metabolic processes
2. Strengthens the immune system
3. Heals the cardiovascular system
4. Prevents the development of cancer

3. Green Onion

 In ancient Egypt, green onions were revered and worshiped; in ancient Greece, wrestlers rubbed their muscles with green onions before competitions for guaranteed victory.

Arrows of green onions have a round white base, turning into hollow juicy green leaves with a spicy, pungent taste and aroma. The leaves are flat or tubular, differ in height (some feathers reach a meter), and color saturation depending on the variety.

Green Onion

Health Benefits of Green Onion

1. Green onions contain fiber that improves digestion and intestinal motility
2. green onions can be used as a preventive measure in the season of colds
3. strengthens the walls of blood vessels
4. accelerate hair growth and improve the condition of the skin

4. Green Beans

Green beans are a source of high-quality, easily digestible vegetable protein; they are often included in the diet of vegetarians and everyone who, for various reasons, does not consume meat products. With their low-calorie content, beans have earned the reputation of being the ideal side dish for those looking to keep their weight in check. 

Green Beans

Health Benefits of Green Beans

1. Necessary for normal blood clotting and calcium absorption
2. Normalizes intestinal mortality
3. improves the condition of the skin
4. Helps in losing weight

5. Garlic Chives

Garlic chives are aromatic perennials that can be grown in the ground or pots. Its fragrant leaves, whose flavor is similar to garlic, are widely used in Chinese cuisine. Its pretty edible white flowers are decorative in your garden as well as in your dishes.

Garlic chives add flavor to salads, raw vegetables, and omelets. It spices up soups, sauces, meats, and fish.

garlic chives

6. Galangal

Galangal is a perennial plant native to Southeast Asia, a relative of ginger. Fresh and dried galangal root looks like ginger, tastes like ginger, only with a spicy peppery and light citrus tint, and galangal’s aroma is a bit like saffron.

Galangal is a spice rich in vitamins and minerals beneficial for digestion, relief heartburn, normalizing blood pressure, and improving complexion.


7. Garbanzo Bean

It might look like a rare vegetable, but it’s not. The common name for this is chickpeas, and they are one of the most common legumes nowadays. Chickpeas are sandy-yellow peas with a pointed top. They are widely used in famous Arabian snack hummus and traditional Jewish appetizer falafel. They also taste great in various salads and soups.

 Garbanzo beans

8. Garden Rocket

The other, more common name for this vegetable is Arugula. The seasoning owes its name to Italy, where arugula made pesto sauce, pasta, salads, and the famous risotto. The French added seasoning to summer salads; the Egyptians garnished seafood and bean snacks.

“Mustard herb” – this is how arugula was called in the time of Julius Caesar. It was considered to be healing. For example, the ancient Roman emperor himself asked to season all his medicines with arugula. Caesar believed that arugula increases male libido and improves potency.

garden rocket, arugula

9. Good King Henry

Number 9th we have in the list of vegetables that start with G is Good King Henry. It is also known as Perennial Goosefoot. The plant has not only decorative but also medicinal properties. The leaf plate on top has a green tint; below it is silvery-white-felt, the leaves are velvety to the touch.

good king henry

10. Grape leaves

Grape leaves are used in many cuisines: Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Armenian. The unusual taste of the leaves is most advantageously revealed in combination with fatty meat (lamb) and smoked meats, but the most delicate grape leaves can be added to sweet pilaf with dried fruits and honey.

grape leaves

11. Guar

In Great Britain, guar is officially used in medicine. Guar gum is a substance used as a laxative for intestinal atony, chronic constipation. It has anti-sclerotic, detoxifying, cholesterol-lowering properties. Due to its unique composition and medicinal properties, guar gum effectively treats obesity, diabetes, etc.



I like Garlic tea a lot which makes garlic my favorite vegetable on this list. Tell me about your favorite vegetables that start with G in the comments, and do let me know if it is not on the list. I’ll check it out and update it. Goodbye, and Take care.

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