Vegetables that start with H

You will not need to check for the list of vegetables that start with H until your kids come to you for their school project. Kids may forget about their project on making a list of vegetables that start with H until the last minute. Therefore, it might be difficult for you to think about anything and all you can rely on is the internet. Sometimes, even when you think harder, you cannot list down more than two or three vegetables that start with the letter H. It can be laborious to find the names of vegetables you have never used or heard of before. That is when you must head to our website quickly. In this article, you will find a list of vegetables whose names begin with the letter H, neatly arranged for you.

  • Horseradish
  • Horse Gram
  • Heart of Palm
  • Hamburg Parsley
  • Hijiki
  • Habanero Pepper

Vegetables that start with H

1. Horseradish

Horseradish is a fairly common plant and is popular in cooking and traditional medicine. According to some reports, the beneficial properties of horseradish root have been known for thousands of years. 

Horseradish is most used as a spicy flavor additive in cooking, where fresh grated or chopped roots are used, also leaves as a spice for pickling and pickling various vegetables. The roots are used to prepare various sauces and mayonnaise, which are an indispensable seasoning for aspic, fish aspic, as well as other meat dishes (fried/smoked meat, sausages, ham, tongue, etc.).


2. Horse Gram

Horse grams are the most cultivated in South India. The seeds are also flat and small, 3-6 mm long. The seed coat is smooth and the seed coat color is light red, brown, black, or variegated. In Myanmar, ripe seeds are boiled and then mixed with salt and fermented to make something like soy sauce made from soybeans. 

 Horse Gram

3. Heart of Palm

Asians eat the heart of a palm tree in its raw form, in the sense that they do not fry or boil it. It is added to salads and used as an addition to hot dishes. But for export to other countries, the heart of the palm is pickled. Mmmm, what a treat !!!!! This is my favorite vegetable! For some reason, no other vegetables cause such delight in me.

Сердце пальмы: питательные свойства, использование на кухне и рекомендуемые  рецепты

4. Hamburg parsley

The root of the Hamburg parsley is long, thin with a creamy white pulp, and aromatic. It is widely used in cooking, herbal medicine, and cosmetic practice, and is also a dyeing plant. In ancient Greece, heroes were crowned with wreaths of parsley.

Hamburg Parsley Root

5. Hijiki

A brown seaweed that grows in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, some inland seas, and the Sea of ​​Japan. Hijiki has a specific fishy taste, and when soaked it looks like black vermicelli. Hijiki goes well with fish, seafood, vegetables, soy sauce. They are added to sushi rice, sauces, soups, side dishes, casseroles. This type of algae is recommended to be included in the diet.


6. Habanero Pepper

The Habanero pepper gained its worldwide fame not only due to its exceptional pungency – this pepper is a powerful natural aphrodisiac. The homeland of Habanero is Brazil, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The famous super hot pepper got into the Guinness Book of Records for its spiciness.

Habanero peppers


The words listed above are the list of vegetables that start with H. Were you surprised? Did you wonder why you had not thought of a few vegetable names in the list before? We are sure you would be because most of the names listed above are used only by a minimum number of people. Most people do not know the vegetables that start with the letter H because they are too busy eating them to learn their names. Besides, you cannot be familiar with a few vegetables to know their names in the first place. However, using this list of vegetable names, you can help your kids with their school projects. The best part is you do not have to go crazy thinking about the names of vegetables that start with the letter H. Overall, we hope this article lessened your burden and helped you find what you expected. We are glad to help to make life easier!

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