Vegetables that start with N

Name all the vegetables that start with N. Can you think of something other than neem?

Did someone ever come up to you and ask a random question, and your brain goes all blank? Well, if it’s about fruits and vegetables, we’ve got you covered. Our website has everything systematically that you need to know about the fruits and vegetables that start from different alphabets.

In this article, I’ll be telling you about all the vegetables that start with N. You’d be amazed to know how much you didn’t know about mother nature. So, let’s get started.

  • Napa Cabbage
  • Neem
  • Nori
  • Nopal
  • New Zealand Spinach
  • Navy Beans

Vegetables that start with N

1. Napa Cabbage

The large, usually tight, very pale green heads of an eastern species of the “Brassica” family. Although they come from China, they are widely cultivated, have a mild taste, and are often pickled. They are used in frying with stirring (also called Chinese cabbage, celery, Beijing cabbage).

napa cabbage

2. Neem

Neem is one of India’s most famous and revered plants, used in Ayurvedic medicine and cosmetology. Neem is known for its anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects; it should treat any respiratory disease in the acute phase. The plant Neem is adequate preparation for cleansing the blood and liver from toxins.

Also, Neem is one of the primary drugs for the treatment of various skin diseases.


3. Nori

Nori is a high-density nutritional food (seaweed) in which ingredients such as vitamins and minerals are condensed. It is dull purple-brown in the sea. But turns green when soaked in lime water or boiling water. Many of them are salted, so they are used for salads and snacks after being salted.


4. Nopal

Nopal is a young stalk of prickly pear cactus, edible as a vegetable in Mexico for a long time. In addition, it seems that it has been used as a folk medicine because it has various effects.

The shape is oval and regularly lined with sharp spines. The thickness is around 1 cm, and the epidermis and the white part inside are edible. It can be eaten raw and has a crispy texture and a slight sourness that spreads in the mouth.


5. New Zealand Spinach

New Zealand spinach or Tetragonia is still an unusual crop in the garden. Originally native to New Zealand, Australia, Africa, and South America, this leafy vegetable has gained popularity in Western Europe long ago.

Green fleshy triangular leaves with a serrated edge and short petioles grow on the stem in a spiral. Leaves and young shoots are eaten raw and can be harvested 5–6 weeks after planting. They have a delightful taste and high nutritional value.

new zealand spinach

6. Navy Beans

Navy beans, also known as White pea beans, are native to the US. White beans are an inexpensive and familiar ingredient. Dry foods are suitable for storage, and canned foods can be used immediately for cooking. Beans are also healthy foods rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, and minerals. 

navy beans


That’s it about all the vegetables that start with N. How much of them you didn’t know about? The most beneficial of them is neem. You can read more about it and include it in your daily lives for good health till I come up with another list, Goodbye and take care.

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