Vegetables that start with O

Is it possible to know about all the vegetables on earth? Well, I don’t know. But our website covers most of the vegetables in a systematic order for you to find out quickly. In this article, I’ll be telling you about all the vegetables that start with O.

Before diving into that, how many vegetables that start with O can you name? Olives, onion, and? Thanks to this website, I get to tell you about all the vegetables I found out with the letter O while researching this article. Let’s get started.

  • Onion
  • Olives
  • Oregano
  • Orache
  • Ogonori
  • Okra

Vegetables that start with O

1. Onion

Onions are delicious food and a good remedy for diseases.

Onions are a storehouse of vitamins. It is impossible to do without it in the kitchen when preparing any dishes. Today it is the most widely used product in the whole world. This is explained by the fact that onions make food more tasty and healthy since it contains many mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins and has bactericidal properties.


Health Benefits of Onion

1. Reduce the risk of heart attack
2. Fiber contributes to good digestion
3. Prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques
4. maintains the blood sugar levels

2. Olives

Olive trees grow in many countries – there are a vast number of their varieties. Now, in my opinion, the best olives grow in the Mediterranean: in Greece, Italy, Spain, a good product is found in Morocco and Egypt. Globally, all olives can be divided into two types: food and olive oil preparation.

For me, the perfect accompaniment to olives is freshly baked bread, some sea salt, and olive oil with oregano and pepper to dip the bread into. Olive perfectly complements vegetables – for example, part of a Greek salad: cucumbers, tomatoes, onions. If you add finely chopped olive to the dish, it can replace both salt and oil simultaneously.

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Health Benefits of Olives

1. improve metabolic processes
2. keeps the nervous system in check
3. normalize liver function
4. prevents cardiovascular diseases

3. Oregano

The aromatic herb oregano is incredibly good with many dishes and drinks, but especially with meat dishes. The aroma and taste of the spice depend on its quality. These must be beautiful and healthy leaves, rich in essential oils and vitamins.

Oregano goes well with ham, salads, fish sauces. It is an indispensable seasoning for baked pork and lamb, meat soups, baked potatoes. You need to add it shortly before the dish is ready.


4. Orache

The other name is saltbush. This shrub is beautiful and edible, and Australian livestock prefers its tasty, succulent twigs to tired, dry grass. It grows in almost any soil and is a valuable crop for landscaping industrial areas and devastated pastures. If the saltbush spreads in all its glory, then this land is flourishing. Despite the name, there is not much salt in it – only 6%, and in its taste, it is much superior to other succulents.


5. Ogonori

Ogonori is a seaweed that grows on slightly sandy rocks where freshwater flows, such as inner bays. It is used as a raw material for the agar. It can be eaten deliciously as an ingredient in miso soup. However, there have been reports of poisoning caused by eating raw or lightly boiled this species from the sea, so caution is required when using natural ones. 


6. Okra 

This low-calorie dietary product is suitable for those who care about their weight and health, and it is delicious; the main thing is to cook okra correctly. Interestingly, not only the pods but also the leaves of the okra are edible. They can be cooked like beetroot or used fresh as an ingredient in a salad. If okra seeds are roasted and ground, they will make a very coffee-like beverage, only decaffeinated.



That is all about the vegetables that start with O. Make your meals better by including these vegetables in them and do your health a favor while you are at it. Oregano is my favorite thing to season on omelets. Tell us about your favorite vegetable with the letter O in the comments.

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