Vegetables that start with U

Making a list of vegetables that start with U could be difficult if you are not pre-read about the same. How many vegetables with the letter U can you name without googling? I forgot that is why you are here. So without further ado, let’s get started.

To know about all the vegetables that start with U, read this article till the end.

  • Ube
  • Urad Dal

Vegetables that start with U

1. Ube

The trend of consuming colorful foods and drinks – such as matcha green tea and rainbow-clad bagels – is gaining momentum and it was only a matter of time for purple yam treats to take over. In the Tagalog language, it is called ube and is a purple-colored sweet potato. If its outer skin appears grayish, inside its complexion tends surprisingly to purple.

This type of purplish tuber is common in many Asian countries, but it is especially common in Filipino cuisine, where it is used to make doughs, cakes, and ice cream.

Fresh purple yams root. Healthy food concept | 💾 Marco Verc… | Flickr

2. Urad Dal

According to Indian terminology, that peas, beans, lentils, mixed in various proportions and cooked in various ways, will still be called a single culinary term “dal”. Soup dal, sauce dal, porridge dal. Only with different attachments. For example, moong dal, urad dal, channa dal, tur dal. Urad dal is one of India’s most famous legumes.

 Urad Dal


There are not enough vegetables that start with U but can make a healthy meal with the above-mentioned vegetables. Also, if you think I’ve missed something, don’t forget to add it in the comment section so we could update it in our list. Till then, goodbye and take care.

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