9 Fruits that start with Y

There are not many fruits that start with Y but the ones I was able to know about are super tasty. The fruits are rare and some of them might be out of your reach as they are from a whole other continent. But who knows where life will take you and where someone will ask you to list the fruits that start with Y. That is why we make these systematic lists.

So let’s talk about the fruits that start with the letter Y

  • Yellow Passionfruit
  • Yellow guava
  • Yumberry
  • Yannan Hackberry
  • Yuzu
  • Yemenite Citron
  • Yellow watermelon
  • Yucca Fruit
  • Ya Pear

Fruits that start with Y

1. Yellow Passionfruit

The shape of the passion fruit is round and its color is usually yellow which turns dark purple with the ripening of the fruit. Internally it is juicy with numerous seeds and can be consumed, either as it is with a teaspoon or as a juice. The juice, in fact, is added to many preparations, savory and sweet, as well as drinks.

Yellow passionfruit

2. Yellow Guava

Also known as Yellow Strawberry Guava, Yellow guava has a sweet taste and is filled with vitamin C. It surpasses orange in the levels of vitamin C concentration. People can eat it raw like common guava but some people make jam and jellies out of it.

yellow guava

3. Yumberry

Yumberry is delicate and tender, and the most delicious berry. Wash it and throw it into your mouth. When you hear the sound of teeth biting the flesh, you taste the sweet and sour juice. From the branch to the tip of the tongue, without delay for a quarter of an hour, is the highest respect for yumberry. It could be made into jams, smoothies, and a harmonious mixture of sweet and sour is enough to be included in many desserts.


4. Yunnan Hackberry

This rare fruit is a cross between blackcurrant and gooseberry. The fruit is smooth, soft and the taste of blackcurrant dominates it. The fruits of Hackberry are filled with proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

yunnan Hackberry fruit

5. Yuzu

Connoisseurs of oriental cuisine probably know what yuzu is. The fruit looks like a small grapefruit with shriveled skin. The color ranges from dark green to light yellow, depending on the degree of maturity. The taste of yuzu is unique, taking the best from lemon, grapefruit, and tangerine. At the same time, the fruit is sour than lemon, rather tart, with shades of needles and floral notes.

yuzu fruit

6. Yemenite Citron

The Yemeni citron is one of the original citrus fruits due to which other types of citrus originated. Fruit size ranges from medium to large. Most fruits are oblong, elongated, and pointed. The rind is yellow, rough and corrugated, very thick. The pulp of Yemeni citron does not contain segments and bubbles with juice, but it is very soft and sweet, has a pleasant aroma. Well-known scientists suggest that the absence of segments is clear proof of genetic purity.

yemenite citron

7. Yellow Watermelon

Yellow watermelon is a hybrid of cultivated and wild plants. It can have a tropical fruit or pumpkin flavor. This is a residual beneficial mutation that the berry inherited from its wild parent. Yellow watermelons are devoid of red pigment, but their properties are in no way inferior to their counterparts, for example, they are rich in beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant.

yellow watermelon

8. Yucca Fruit

The fruits of this Yucca are edible and are eaten raw, baked, and boiled. Unripe fruits are sweet. Fruits are leathery, berry-like, cylindrical, shaped like a banana, turn red when ripe. The flesh of the fruit is juicy and the diameter can reach up to 4-6 cm. Fruits appear from May to September. Seeds are rough, dull black, ovoid, without wings, ripen in 6-8 weeks. Their length and width are 7–8 mm, and their thickness is 1–2 mm.

yucca fruit

9. Ya pear

It is the other name for Chinese white pear. The main characteristic is that the fruit is medium and large (generally single fruit weighs 175 grams, the largest is 400 grams), has thin skin and small nucleus, juicy and flavorful, few stone cells, moderate sweetness, and sourness. The fragrance is long, crisp but not greasy, and is known as the “natural nectar”.

ya pear or Chinese white pear


And if your favorite fruit that begins with the alphabet Y did not make it to the list, you can tell me in the comments and I’ll look into it.

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